5 Best Hosteller And Places To Visit Jibhi



Apart from this, there are various lounges, and guest houses that give visitors the best experience to stay in jibhi. You can have a look at all and select anyone according to your budget and need.

Places to visit in Jibhi:

1. Jalori Pass:

 Jalori pass is a  beautiful place at a distance of 12 km from the main Jibhi.

This pass is at the height of 3000 mt. The beautiful lush green sight surrounded by pine trees makes this place not less than heaven.The different and beautiful shapes of the hills add more charm to this place. The suitable period to visit here is March to November.

2. NSerolsar Lake:

 This place is situated 5 km east of Jaroli pass.

The altitude of this place is around 3040 mt.

This place is surrounded by beautiful Silver Oak trees that cover this lake from all around.

The locals believe that there are two sparrows namely ‘Aabo’ that don’t allow the leaves of oak trees to fall in this lake and thus always protect it.

3. Chehni Kothi: 

This place gives cottage-like vibes and is the best place to enjoy your visit to Jibhi.

There is no road in this place. So only trekking could be done to reach here.

Old rock houses and lush green forest surrounding this beautiful place surely attract you.

4. Raghupur Fort: 

This place is 3 km away from Jalori pass.

It is made up of rocks and it is one of the oldest forts in Himachal. Though only some remains are there but still it gives a historical glimpse of old forts.

There is a lake inside the fortress too.

5. Great Himalayan National Park: 

One of the beautiful parks of Himachal also comes under the list of places to visit in Jibhi.

It comprises more than 100 species of plants that also consists of some of the rare medicinal herbs that are found only in this park.

People are also attracted to this place due to fishing and poaching activities. However, authorities now keep a strict watch over these activities.

One will need permission to view this park. So keep an id card in your bag as proof or for checking details.

6. The Jibhi waterfalls:

 The lush green beauty of Jibhi when come in contact with lush green plants and waterfalls, it gives a view of scenic beauty that one can only imagine.

The sound of the waterfall and the birds chirping around it gives you a feeling of immense peace and you will feel rejuvenated.

Sitting near the waterfall and keep looking at the sky, the water, and the trees around it that one can only wish in its dreams. But here you will experience it.

7. Shringa Rishi Temple:

 This temple gives a religious vibe to the place of Jibhi.

Associated with Sage Rishyasringa of Kashyapa’s heredity, this temple belongs to Ramayana time.

Locals have a deep faith in this temple and they believe that this temple protects them and is responsible for their well-being.

Keeping yourself lost in nature for a few days from your daily routine will make you happy. Thus, make your vacation a memorable trip by visiting Jibhi.