Reviews Of Furniture From Crate & Barrel’s Lounge

Reviews Of Furniture From Crate & Barrel's Lounge1

Our family life and the sectional sofa from crate and barrel couch II collection. When I finally settle on a course of action that works for me, I tend to stick with it. Because of this, when we needed a sofa for lounging, we wound up purchasing three separate instances of the identical lounging sectional. This was the second location of the Crate and Barrel Lounge.

We have owned a total of THREE of them, each in a different size and color. You may rest assured that I am qualified to write these reviews of the Crate and Barrel Lounge II Sofa despite the fact that I have four children, a large dog, and a spouse who occasionally eats on the sofa.

Do You Want A Couch For Lounging

We have had three of them! My Comprehensive Analysis and Thoughts on the Crate and Barrel Lounge II Sectional. Years ago, while I was shopping at crate and barrel couch, I took my first seat on a Lounge couch for the very first time. I wasn’t even looking for a sofa when I stumbled across it, but I couldn’t resist sitting on it. As I sunk into the plush couch cushions, the idea crossed my mind.

“This Is What The Living Room Of A REAL Family Looks Like.”

Obviously, I was being much more “genuine” with my juice stained couch from Craigslist that I had at home. But as I sat on the crate and barrel couch in the lounge, I could picture it withstanding the rigors of our everyday life, including the presence of sippy cups, children jumping, our large dog, and snuggles on the couch, among other things.

Iteration Of The Crate & Barrel Lounge

If you have not tried out this sofa for yourself in the store and are interested in more than just a review but also a description, the following information should be helpful to you. There is a wide range of sizes available for the lounge crate and barrel couch, ranging from apartment to Grande size sectional. All of them are available in two different levels of detail, both of which are discussed further below.

 Because of its exceptional longevity, the lounge is, in my view, head and shoulders above the majority of the other available sectional sofas for purchase. It is the kind of couch that you can easily lose yourself in because of how deep it is. The cushions are long-lasting, and they are not fastened to the furniture in any way.

Cushion Can Be Removed

The cushion from crate and barrel couch can be removed from its cover by unzipping it. Because the stain-resistant Taft fabric is dense, textured, and woven from multiple different tints of the same color, it is an excellent choice for households with children and pets. Because your feet won’t be able to contact the ground, it is obvious that it is designed for lounging. This sofa is perfect in every way; it checks off all the boxes!

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What Is The Dimension Of The Lounge Couch

The crate and barrel couch comes in two different depth configurations: the ordinary depth measures 41 inches, and the deep depth is 46 inches. We have the Lounge Sofas in the Deep depth, and we absolutely adore this deep sofa for our laid-back way of life. However, if you prefer to have your feet be able to touch the ground or you don’t want to sit too far back, you should think about getting the standard depth instead.

Consistently Maintain An Upright Posture

My parents are in their sixties, and they don’t want to put their feet up when they’re sitting on the couch. They consistently maintain an upright posture as a matter of preference. When my mother comes to visit, she is required to rest a pillow behind her back in order to sit comfortably on our crate and barrel couch. I would recommend going with the usual depth for someone like her, or for you if you prefer to have some contact with the ground as you walk.

What’s The Deal With The Apartment Sofa In The Lounge II

The width of the Apartment crate and barrel couch, which measures just 73 inches, is 10 inches less than the width of the smallest standard lounge sofa. There is a choice between a conventional depth of 41 inches or a deep depth of 46 inches for the Apartment sofa.

What We Looked For In A Couch For Our Lounge

Because the back of the crate and barrel couch would be facing the doorway leading into our room, we wanted to choose one with a low profile. The majority of sofas were around five or more inches taller! I also didn’t want a sofa with tufting or anything else that would look dated in the future because I really liked how the Lounge’s design had pure lines.

Naturally, we were seeking for something that was extremely long-lasting. There are a few long-lasting textiles that are in stock, and there are even more that require a special order. We hope that our couch will last at least ten years. In spite of the fact that our floorplan is open to the kitchen, we have four children.


Our Very First Sectional From Crate & Barrel

We decided to take the step and get our very own crate and barrel couch II 2 Piece Sectional, which is upholstered in the Taft fabric, which is favorable to families. We decided to go with the hue Steel. This is the identical sofa that we purchased, complete with the color, material, and measurements that are described here. Steel is a neutral color, but it leans more blue-gray than anything else. Even when they are not eating, their hands and faces are sticky. This condition persists for a significant portion of their lives.

The High-Performance Fabric

This crate and barrel coupon code discount blew my mind in every way: the high-performance fabric, the streamlined design, and everything else about it. Immediately, I realized that I would not need to be concerned about my children staining the sofa. The hue is on-trend while yet being sufficiently black
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