5 Reasons to Invest in 1BHK Flat in Dahisar East

5 Reasons to Invest in 1BHK Flat in Dahisar East

Dahisar boasts a rich history that can be traced back to the 1630s. The indigenous Agris, Kolis, Warlis, and Dublis are recognized as the original inhabitants of Dahisar, and their language features the term “Dahi,” meaning ten. The name Dahisar is derived from the amalgamation of ten hamlets, including Gaothan, Kandarpara, Navagaon, Ovaripada, Ghartanpada, Ketakipada, Rawalpada, Dahivali, Bhagalipada, and Wadarypada. 

In recent years, Dahisar East has become a highly sought-after residential area, and this is one of the reasons why Dahisar East 1 BHK flat price have increased in the past year. The region has experienced significant development in all aspects, which makes it an excellent choice for investment.

So, if you are planning to buy a house anytime soon, here are a few reasons to consider Dahisar: 

Good Social Infrastructure

Dahisar boasts a well-developed social infrastructure, including several renowned educational institutions such as St. Louis High School, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Vidyalaya, and the Indian School of Management. There are also reliable hospitals in the area, including Sanjivani Hospital, Crystal Hospital, and Abhinav Sushrut. Moreover, residents in and around Dahisar can enjoy various recreational facilities and popular shopping destinations, including Square Mall, Raghuleela Mall, and Korum Mall.

Hassle-free Connectivity

Dahisar enjoys excellent connectivity to the rest of Mumbai via the Western Railway Line and the Western Express Highway, which originates from the area. Furthermore, Line 2 and Line 7 of the Mumbai Metro further enhance Dahisar’s connectivity significantly. Line 7 will link Dahisar East to Andheri East, while Line 2A will connect Dahisar to DN Nagar in Andheri West. Additionally, the extension of Line 2B will connect DN Nagar to Mankhurd, making travel to the western and eastern suburbs of Mumbai a breeze from Dahisar.

Proximity to Business Parks 

Dahisar’s real estate market comprises high-rise apartments and commercial complexes. The area’s exceptional social and retail infrastructure, along with its proximity to employment centers such as Bandra Kurla Complex (24 km), MIDC Andheri (16 km), and Hiranandani Business Park (21 km), are the key drivers of this trend. This makes it a great pick for employees and job seekers. 

Rise in Real Estate Market

Due to a significant influx of migrants and recent settlements, the real estate sector in Dahisar has experienced substantial growth. The property prices in Dahisar have witnessed a 7.08% year-on-year growth. So, to fetch a reasonable Dahisar East 1 BHK flat price, this might be the best time to start looking. 

With that being said, the area still has immense potential for development, with several residential and commercial projects by builders in progress. The local government is also taking steps to enhance the community, including the construction of walkways for pedestrians and beautification projects. Furthermore, large, well-connected roads and flyovers are being built to improve connectivity.  

Green Spaces

Dahisar is a picturesque area blessed with natural beauty, featuring a total of 12 parks where visitors can stroll or bring their children to play. For those seeking even more immersion in nature, Sanjay Gandhi National Park, located on the border of Dahisar, offers a perfect opportunity to fully experience the area’s natural beauty. This park is an ideal destination for nature lovers who want to remain close to nature while still enjoying the comforts and conveniences of city life.


With the area’s well-developed social infrastructure, excellent connectivity to Mumbai’s Western and Eastern Suburbs, and the upcoming metro line projects, Dahisar East is a rapidly developing micro-market that can help you lead a comfortable lifestyle in your new abode. Overall, investing in a flat in Dahisar East presents a promising opportunity that can yield great returns to both homeowners and investors alike.