6 Best Software for Pet Shelters in 2022.


Management of a pet shelter is not an easy job. A digital software is the best tool to manage your pet shelter organization. The cloud integration features of the pet shelter software make the management process simpler than ever.

Software for animal shelters allows shelters and animal control agencies to manage their resources and schedules and adopt processes more efficiently. These software are designed to optimize and manage core activities like animal intake, care, licensing, and adoption management.

Here are the top 6 best pet shelter software you can buy for your shelter in 2022:


PetPoint is a cloud-based relational Data Management System that assists animal welfare organizations in managing shelter operations. It tracks how animals enter your care, as well as all details about them, their care during their stay, and the eventual outcome.

This unique web-hosted application can be used in Enterprise and Professional versions to suit your needs. It also eliminates the need for expensive hardware, software, and backup systems. All data is encrypted, secured, and private. You can do the PetPoint login to learn more about the services of this shelter management software.

It can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. PetPoint is accessible wherever you are, whether the staff is at a shelter or an off-site adoption site, or in foster homes scattered across the country.


AnimalCare Software allows you to easily manage your animals under human care. Access to secure, private cloud-based recordkeeping systems that are highly customizable and modular at an affordable price is provided by the app. AnimalCare can be used by all employees of your organization, including the board of directors and employees.

Many animal facilities still keep digital copies of animal care daily reports or use paper copies. Digitalization greatly reduces the time required to enter, assess, and search daily report information. This allows staff and volunteers to quickly query data and identifies trends, using this software.


You can manage your animal shelter volunteers anywhere you are, at work, out in the field, or at home using this software. The portal allows volunteers to manage their profiles and schedules online.

To reduce no-shows, send automatic reminders in just a few clicks, you can send email or SMS messages. There are no fees for upgrades or support. It is a monthly fee-based software with no long-term contracts. Volgistics is the market leader in volunteer software. You can register right now for a demo or get a free trial account.

Volgistics supports volunteer-driven organizations of every type, from small animal shelters to large international service agencies to multi-site health services.


ShelterBuddy software is a solution for animal shelters and animal monitoring agencies. It can be used to track animals, license them, and even volunteer and donate. It also offers advanced shelters/animal control equipment and smaller, system-express rescue groups with its pro product.

ShelterBuddy is the first software that allows for electronic signatures to be included in animal protection software. It can verify addresses at entry, and then plot trouble areas on Google Maps. With the add-on module for a public website, you can display adoptable animals online. You can visit Web-Access to learn more about similar pet data management software.


Sheltermanager.com is an online platform that allows you to manage your animal shelters, rescue groups, and other facilities for animal control. It also allows you to report on the welfare and health of animals in your care, as well as their medical needs, and publicize adopted animals online.

The software is available in 15 languages that you can choose from, as per your native language. It supports many locations, including the USA, Canada, and the UK. You can create your application forms and submit them directly to ASM from your website.

Buzz to the Rescue

Buzz to the Rescues provides a complete toolkit that helps shelters, rescue groups, and sanctuaries save more pets. The software makes it easy to organize everything in one place. 

This will ensure that you are on top of your progress, make sure you have a clear view of the status of your rescue, and help you feel calm. Buzz Custom Dog and Cat Modules allow you to create a customized platform to add pets to your website within seconds.

This software includes a website platform, pet management, people management, donation management, event management, shelter management, and others.

Final Words

Many shelters and non-profit management software are used by rescue groups, SPCAs, and humane societies. Digital programs can be used by organizations to manage volunteers, fundraising, and donors, as well as accounting and animal management.

We have shared our analysis of the best and most affordable programs that your rescue should look into, regardless of whether they are looking to evaluate shelters, kennels, or volunteer software.