6 Facts About NUSO Heated Tobacco


NUSO is a brand of heated tobacco products that are heated to release tobacco flavor without combustion. In this article, I will introduce you to 6 facts about NUSO heated tobacco.

What is NUSO Heated Tobacco?

NUSO heated tobacco is a new type of tobacco products developed by Broad Far. The NUSO sticks are inserted into an electronic device that heats the tobacco evenly. This produces a nicotine-containing aerosol that the user inhales.

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6 Facts about NUSO heated tobacco

NUSO heated tobacco is popular in Europe, Southeast Asia, and Middle Eastern nations, and Broad Far, the company behind the NUSO, has plans to expand its products to other countries. Here are some facts about NUSO heated tobacco products:

  1. NUSO heated tobacco products use real tobacco blends, not tobacco extract or synthetic nicotine.
  2. The heated tobacco sticks can be heated to a temperature lower than 600 degrees Celsius, which creates a smooth and flavorful aerosol.
  3. NUSO heated tobacco products do not produce ash or waste, as the tobacco is heated instead of being burned during the heating process.
  4. NUSO heated tobacco produces an aerosol that contains far fewer harmful chemicals found in cigarette smoke, such as tar and carbon monoxide.
  5. NUSO heated tobacco products are available in a variety of flavors.
  6. NUSO heated tobacco products also contain addictive and potentially harmful nicotine though it does not represent the main factor of smoke-related diseases.

NUSO heated tobacco is a new way to consume nicotine, and more research is needed to confirm the long-term safety of NUSO tobacco.