A Beginner’s Guide to WordPress Managed Hosting


The term managed WordPress hosting has a lot of people unsure of what exactly it entails. There are several elements that come together to form it.

To begin with, web hosting includes a website hosted on a particular server with access to its resources. You choose a web hosting plan that will house your website, get it online, and assign a domain name that will work as its identity.

Unmanaged web hosting requires you to shoulder the responsibility of the entire web hosting operation by yourself including security and updates.

Managed hosting, on the other hand, refers to web hosting plans that include your web hosting provider handling all of your web hosting responsibilities for your business.

The web hosting provider will ensure that your entire operation has maximum protection, all of the updates are up-to-date, and your entire database has complete and regular backups.

Managed WordPress hosting is tailor-made for WordPress hosting with all of its responsibilities being taken care of by the web hosting service. In addition to this, all the admin responsibilities and software optimization are also dealt with by the web host.

All you have to do is focus on the growth elements of your business while the managed WordPress hosting provider will ensure the rest is handled perfectly.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of managed WordPress hosting.

  • Customized support

Managed WordPress hosting proves to be a boon for website owners that do not have the knowledge or expertise to deal with all the responsibilities of a WordPress website.

In such cases, they have the option of extended support which basically includes having a professional resolve any issues you might encounter easily. All the web hosting tasks will also be completed by that professional including setting up your website.

  • Boost in performance

Managed WordPress hosting is renowned for its improved loading time and performance, as compared to other web hosting options like shared web hosting that has to divide its resources among several users which consequently takes a toll on the uptime and speed of the website.

With managed WordPress hosting you can maximize your speed as you have access to all the resources you could possibly need. You can expect a steady performance which will guarantee a perfect user experience.

An extremely fast website can ensure that all the web pages load as quickly as possible. This will ensure that you build a good reputation in the industry.

Managed WordPress hosting offers plenty of benefits that can help customize your servers according to the requirements of your website with themes and plugins that can help improve its performance immensely.

Managed WordPress hosting services also offer various ways to improve your website using a Content Delivery Network that has worldwide servers. 

  • Advance security

The majority of WordPress websites can be easily exploited by hackers due to the lack of knowledge and expertise to enforce advanced security. Managed WordPress hosting ensures that the security of your website is handled by seasoned professionals who know all the advanced ways to keep malicious attackers away from your operation.

So you can rest easy knowing that your website is continuously monitored and kept safe by your web hosting provider.

  • Choose your data center

The majority of WordPress website owners have their target audience across the globe in various locations. Since the servers need to be positioned as close to the customers as possible to boost loading time, strategically placed servers all around the world are a necessity.

With managed WordPress hosting you get CDN that offers global servers ready to be used by you. Hence, you can choose data centers that cater better to the needs of your website and help boost performance. Managed WordPress hosting thus works perfectly for your varied needs.

  • Regular updates

Managed WordPress hosting offers the perfect way to automatically update your entire website along with all of its apps and plugins easily. An up-to-date website has fewer vulnerabilities that can be exploited by malicious attackers or used as a gateway for viruses and malware to invade your website. It also helps improve page loading time and overall performance. 

A managed WordPress hosting service will ensure that they take care of all the updates that are available in a timely manner. There are also tests conducted to check how it affects your website. If there is some problem, your web hosting providers will ensure that the update is undone and optimal functioning is restored.

  • Conclusion

While there are several web hosting services and plans for you to choose from, managed WordPress hosting reigns supreme due to the features and benefits you get to enjoy. When you face any problem with WordPress hosting, the responsibility to resolve it is yours.

On the other hand, managed WordPress hosting ensures that your web hosting provider will ensure smooth functioning and take care of any problem you have.