A Complete Guide for Buying Laminar Flow Hoods Online


A Laminar flow hood is a kind of respiratory protection device which allows users to perform tasks with minimal exposure to particles in the air. With this type of ventilation system, it is easy for you to work without being exposed or harmed by materials like vapors, fumes, smoke, and dust that are likely present in a lab or chemistry lab environment.

The laminar flow hood has features such as sterilization filters, integrated lighting, and water cooling technology, which is hard to find on other devices. With hundreds of designs available online, choosing a laminar flow hood may seem impossible.

The good news is that with the following advice, you are guaranteed to get the laminar flow hood that will be able to meet your needs. Here’s a quick look at some helpful tips on how to purchase a laminar flow hood online.

Basics of Buying a Laminar Flow Hood Online

Before shopping for a Laminar Flow Hood For Sale, you must know what to look for. These are just some of the things that you need to consider:

Hood Size

The first thing you need to know about buying laminar flow hoods online is the size of your laboratory. You must be well aware of the dimensions of your lab. An estimate of the size will help you determine how much space the hood will take up in the lab and allow you to make an informed decision about your future purchases. The size of the hood depends upon the scale on which you are working in your laboratory.

Hood Type

There are different types of laminar flow hoods based on their shape, size and working capacity. You can choose from a built-in canopy and stand-alone cabinet to under bench cabinet or wall-mounted laminar flow hoods for your laboratory. Each type has its specific use and style, but they serve a single purpose: to provide a clean working environment for research and experiments.

Hood Accessories

With so many online types and styles, it is easy to get overwhelmed when choosing a laminar flow hood. A built-in water cooler and water filters are the most common hood accessories. If you want to add finishing touches to your laminar flow hood, look for additional accessories such as ceiling lamps, exit ports, and ventilation ports.


As previously mentioned, laminar flow hoods come in different filter types that range from disposable to permanent. The filter choice is up to you, but it will be important to choose a disinfectant filter that can last for long periods, depending on how often you need to use the hood. Those who want an added sterilization layer will want to consider purchasing disposable and permanent filters for their laminar flow hood.

Disposable filters are used for single use, giving you a longer breathable air supply during your experiments. Permanent filters are the ones to use if you plan on using your laminar flow hood for long periods.

Types of Laminar Flow Hoods

Laminar flow hoods come in different shapes and sizes, designed to meet different researchers’ needs. The following are just a few of the most common types: a built-in canopy, stand-alone cabinet, under-bench cabinet, and wall-mounted laminar flow hoods. Based on their shape, laminar flow hoods are divided into two types, vertical and horizontal laminar flow hoods.

Vertical Laminar Flow Hoods:

A vertical laminar flow hood is built into a lab bench and is meant to work on specimens or perform tests requiring direct contact with air. These hoods are best suited for people who need a certain amount of space in their laboratory. They come with a lot of advantages, such as the ability to work overhead and be able to see through the filter. This laminar flow hood is available in sizes ranging from 30 to 75 liters.

Horizontal Laminar Flow Hoods:

A horizontal laminar flow hood will fit directly under the table, desk, or laboratory bench. They are designed specifically to provide a working environment above the equipment. They vary in size ranging from 30 to 50 liters, and are smaller in size when compared to a vertical laminar flow hood.

There are hundreds and thousands of laminar flow hoods available online, and finding one that meets your specific needs can be daunting. With the right amount of research, however, you will be guaranteed to find the best laminar flow hood for sale that will provide you with years of service. If you want your lab to look clean and organized, then a laminar flow hood is a perfect choice.