A New Way to Display Your Information: The Circular Display Panel


Think of the closest gas station to you. Do you have any idea what the gas prices are at this particular location? If you’re like most people, the answer to this question is no, and that’s because today’s businesses rely on digital display panels to let their customers know the information they care about most.

However, these displays are often unattractive and outdated, which means you can lose potential customers because of them. Fortunately, there’s now a new way to display your information in an attractive, easy-to-read format: circular display panels!


There is a lot of concern and work being done about the environment, sustainability and how humanity can keep the planet in a good shape for the future. One thing that may be taken for granted is all the waste we produce, with over 3.3 billion people on this planet it becomes easy to understand where our trash comes from and what type of waste accumulates.

So with all this talk around circular economy, rethinking where we stand on technology seems like an appropriate endeavor. This post will introduce you to a new way of displaying information called round displays or circular display panels. We will take you through their advantages and possible disadvantages too so you know what’s in store when choosing one such product for your home or office use.

What Is a Circular Display Panel?

The circular display panel has a 360-degree viewing angle and is made of two layers of acrylic. This means that the round display can be viewed from any side and in any direction, which makes it ideal for showing messages or images on a continuous loop. It also has a built-in media player that supports various file types, including PDFs and Word documents.

A circular display panel is an advanced way to convey information in an engaging way that provides significant benefits over traditional rectangular displays. Panoxdisplay offers its customers with flexible pricing options based on the size and quantity of panels they need, as well as how quickly they need them delivered. To see more examples of how the circular display panel can be used, click here.

How Does It Work?

In a round display panel, the space between pixels is reduced, which means you can fit more information on your screen. When designing for this new medium, it’s important to keep in mind that everything will be round and circular. It’s also important not to cram too much information into one place as it will be difficult for users to scroll through the information.

This technology may seem complicated at first, but once you get started there are many advantages. For starters, with a circular display panel, you’ll have more room for content than with other technologies like LCDs or LED displays. Plus, these panels are known for being extremely bright with an ultra-high contrast ratio and wide viewing angles.

What Are the Benefits?

What is a CDP? A circular display panel (CDP) is a new type of display technology that can be used for kiosks, interactive digital signage, or any other advertising. Typically, when companies want to create an interactive display system, they have three options: LCD panels, LED panels, and plasma screens. However, the newest technology in this field is the CDP and it has some distinct advantages over those other types of displays.

Here are some benefits of using a circular display panel instead of one of the other traditional technologies. First off, CDPs are less expensive than LCD or LED displays; they’re also more energy efficient and easier on your eyes because you don’t have to sit directly in front of them as you do with an LCD screen.

How Do I Get Started?

If you’re looking for a new way to display information, the circular display panel might be just what you need. Unlike other displays, this one rotates. This 360° rotating panel is perfect for showing detailed information in a large format so it’s easy to read and view from any angle. It can also easily be used on any surface – floor, tabletop, or wall – so you have more flexibility with your presentation. Panoxdisplay has created the perfect solution for all of your needs with its innovative product!