All about HDI PCB Manufacturing Process


All about HDI PCB Manufacturing Process

In this article, we will discuss all “HDI PCB Manufacturing.” If you want to know about it then you are at the right place. Read this article carefully to get useful information.

What is HDI PCB?

HDI stands for “High-Density Interconnect.” It is a technology used in the field of printed circuit boards these days. HDI PCBs are more efficient than usual PCBs. HDI technology compact the size of PCBs and reduce their weight as well. In HDI PCB, all the components are placed in less space means a small PCB board that is attached perfectly to each other. HDI PCBs performed more efficiently as compared to the usual PCB.

What is the market state of HDI PCB?

PCB boards are trendy in the world because they are used on electronic devices to make them functional and efficient. PCB market is standing on the rise even you can find out guides to making the PCB at home. The PCB industry has recently set a new level in HDI technology. Users implemented the HDI technology to make PCBs because HDI PCBs are more efficient and perform well as compared to a usual PCB.

HDI PCB market earned $9.4 billion in 2017 according to some records. The estimation is that the compound annual growth rate “CAGR” will be above 11% in upcoming years. According to the statistics, it is estimated that the PCB market can make $22 by 2025, is 2.5 times more than in 2017 and a great achievement of this industry, which plays a positive role in the industry. HDI technology brings a positive revolution in the PCB industry.

What is the HDI PCB manufacturing process?

Common PCB manufacturing comprises numerous steps but HDI PCB manufacturing involves some specific steps that cannot use in other boards. The HDI PCB design process that the HDI PCB manufacturer used is mentioned below:

  • Control the layer count need to route all the signals either by using the large BGA component on board or by using the interface and direction count by large IC on board
  • Contact with fabrication house to choose the material and make dielectric data to make your PCB stack up
  • Determine the via style based on the layer count and thickness which will be used to route signals by an inner layer

Do a reliability assessment if relevant to confirm that the material will not be stressed and results interconnect to fracture during the assembly process and it affect the performance?

Regulate the design rules based on the fabricator’s abilities and reliability needs

Stackup manufacturing and the creation of design rules are important points because they will regulate the ability to route the board and the reliability of the end. When the above steps are completed, the HDI PCB manufacturers can apply their DFM needs and reliability need as the design rules in their software.

Why HDI PCBs are famous?

According to the statistics from 2017, we can observe that the total HDI PCB revenue was set for the tablet and smartphone industries. HDI PCBs are famous because they perform very well and are more efficient as compared to a usual PCB. HDI PCB is used in devices and products that demand high performance and compact size like smartphones. HDI PCB’s small size and lightweight make it popular in industries. Want to know more visit Mad PCB