Benmoving; A Local Mover of goods


Hey! Are you worried about safely Benmoving shifting your furniture, glass objects, electronic gadgets, small or large, or home décor items? Finding a service that delivers your consignment swiftly and safely is definitely challenging.

Are you a store owner? Looking for a service to deliver the commodities to your customers on their doorstep.

Are you moving your business to a new street in the city and need to move the entire setup to the new destination?

Moving goods is not child’s play; it is a stressful process. However, a resilient and professional goods mover can make it steady and hassle-free.

Benmoving goods moving service provides reliable and easy assistance for moving goods locally. Our service is risk-free, and we take great care of your belongings during shifting.

How We Work:

Benmoving is a professional goods moving service taking great care of your consignments. We have a trained team to deliver your stuff safely and timely, no matter how far or near the destination is. We follow all the standards and protocols from packing to storing and delivering. We are a competent organization in the local mover market.

The following steps are involved in moving goods locally.

Ø Packing

Ø Labelling

Ø Loading

Ø Moving

Ø Unloading

Ø Customer Feedback


Some household objects are vulnerable to breakage or moulding. We take great care to avoid any breakage or texture loss. For this purpose, packing the goods is our first and foremost priority.

The packing is done by using the following materials:

·        Wooden crates

·        Plastic shrink wrapping

·        Wooden boxes

·        Metal drums

·        Packaging board

During packing following steps are followed:

§  Organizing the goods

§  Measuring the box for packing

§  Selecting the box

§  Protecting

§  Sealing the boxes


   In order to make sure delivery of your goods at the exact location, consignments are marked correctly in the following packing. The customers’ contact details are not revealed to any third party or an unauthorized person.


  The loading process is critical and skilled labour is required for this purpose. Benmoving goods moving service has a very professional and experienced team to efficiently and carefully load your stuff and organize it in the truck to avoid any breakage during movement.


 Moving the shipment across the state or out of the city is an essential phase in goods moving. It required trained drivers and well-maintained vehicles. Benmoving goods moving service is among the goods movers who possess safe and dynamic vehicles with experienced and licensed operators.


Here we reached the destination; now, it’s time to unload the goods. Our experienced workers will unload your articles with outstanding care and rearrange them as you wish.

 Customer Feedback

  Customer feedback is an essential part of our service. We take full responsibility for your belongings and on-time delivery of goods. The suggestions of our customers are always welcomed and encouraged. Benmoving goods moving service believes in the complete satisfaction of the customers.

Benmoving; A Local Home Moving Service

Benmoving goods moving service is a local home mover. If you are shifting from one street to another, one block to another, or one society to another. We are here to safely and quickly transport all your home accessories, kitchen, cutlery, paintings and other home décor accessories to your new house. The packing, loading, and unloading are part of our service. However, the furniture’s organization and setting can be offered at your request. 

Benmoving has made local home moving easy and simple from the first contact with our correspondent through the final delivery of your goods to the new house. The whole process is controlled by our coordinator, who provides every detail regarding budget estimates and progress on the move. The correspondent’s ease of contact and availability will give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on moving to a new home.

We move all household items, including;

ü Sofas

ü Chairs

ü Tables

ü Crockery

ü Glass utensils


ü Washing machines/Dryers

ü Garments

ü Home décor accessories

ü Fridge/Air coolers

ü Grocery items

You only need to get in touch with us; the rest leave to us.

Benmoving; A Local Office Mover

If you are a businessman and moving your office to a new destination to increase your productivity or enhance space for your employees. You would be worried about moving your office items to the new location in the town. Because moving your office stuff safely is a challenge, and it demands a highly professional and trained team to pack, load, and unload office furniture and electronic gadgets.

 Benmoving goods moving service solves your problems and worries in shifting your office across British Columbia. Our local office moving service manages the transport of the following items.

ü Office furniture

ü Computers

ü Printers

ü Air conditioners

ü Cupboards

ü Laptops

ü Machines

We also provide employee shifting service along with goods moving.

Suppose you are worried about moving your office or home to a new destination in the town or across the city. In that case, Benmoving goods moving service is the best solution.