Car Auctions: Know The Pros and Cons of Purchasing At Auctions


Car auctions offer buyers an affordable means to purchase vehicles without breaking their bank. Along with this, they have even become a suitable way for insurance houses and used car dealerships to recover the lost money.

Individuals and car dealerships are two common places to buy a car for yourself, but nowadays, you can even consider buying at an auction.

Different Types of Car Auctions

There are different types of car auctions:

Dealer auctions

A dealer auction is just like a type of private auction where car dealerships as well as other industry insiders obtain vehicles for their lots. These are generally closed, but if you have family or friends in the industry then there is a chance to get you in.

As they are normally meant for resale, cars that are sold at dealer auctions might be in decent working order already. The price offered here can also be competitive when compared to the price of the retail market.

Government auctions

Government auctions are mainly public auctions for the sale of cars that are owned previously and used by government agencies. This can be anything right from cars used by the local parks department to cars used by federal law enforcement.

Government vehicles can be maintained regularly and then sold at an affordable price. That’s in part as the idea of these auctions is to clear the inventory and not raise the sales price. 

However, these vehicles might have extensive mileage on them and can be in working shape as well.

Online auctions

Nowadays, this kind of car auction is very popular because it is considered an appropriate way to purchase a car without the requirement to be present in the country where the car is located. 

When it comes to online auctions, most used cars are put up for sale and potential buyers simply register on their sites in order to join the auction. To select a car for purchasing, they even depend upon the information that is granted by the website.

With time, online car auctions have become prevalent due to which there are several websites where you can join an auction.

Pros and cons of car auction

Before you decide to purchase a car at an auction, it is important to consider the pros and cons first.


Car prices are generally better

Most people are usually attracted to this way of buying a car because it is possible to get the car below the market price. If you do proper research then it is easy for you to save almost 30% of the car’s cost.

In case, you can fix mechanical issues or do not mind some cosmetic problems that purchasing a car at an auction can be perfect for you.

Some auction vehicles can be still under warranty

You might think that all the cars sold at auction are old but remember this is not the case. Sometimes, you might even get a new car that is under warranty still.

If you really don’t want to be responsible for the mechanical problems then it can be safe to get a car at auction.

A variety of options is present

At an auction, you have a golden chance of finding a car that perfectly meets your requirements. As you get a wide variety of cars to choose from, it is easy to find the car that you want.  


The car you are interested in might be unregistered

Keep one thing in your mind, purchasing a car that is unregistered can cause problems. In case, it is not road worthy then you have to arrange transportation of the car and then pay all the costs involved in inspections, certifications as well as registration.

Check out for cars that are sold illegally

Make sure you check the VIN number present on the paper of your car. This will further help you to avoid any kind of unwanted issues. If the VIN tag is replaced then it means the car is sold illegally.

Therefore, if you agree to all the above points then it’s time to purchase your next desired car and contact a reliable car auction like who will offer solutions to your auction needs.