Coming Together For The Colorado River


Learn how farmers and ranchers are working to hold greater water in the river.

If you eat carrots or lettuce in a wintry climate, the probabilities are the Colorado River will irrigate those flowers.

The Colorado River irrigates three.2 million acres within the Colorado River basin more than one of. Five million acres out of doors the basin, which incorporates California’s Imperial Valley. This general area is more or less the size of New Hampshire.

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We are presently using more water than the river, and due to the fact the population grows, so does the call. Agriculture uses about 80 percent of the Colorado River’s water, and the river’s water is needed to keep towns, cities, hydropower, and outdoor undertakings flowing.

Of path nature additionally goals water. Fish, flora, and the natural world depend on it. All the competing demands for water require us to return together to find out solutions to shield and preserve this limited useful resource.

That’s why, The Nature Conservancy is walking with farmers and ranchers within the Colorado River Basin on tasks that will help them to expand operations, in addition, to keeping greater water within the river to advantage humans and nature.

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Connecting Colorado’s Cities with Nature

Green towns can resource healthy, equitable groups, but, a sustainable destiny starts with technological expertise-based totally making plans, and sturdy partnerships.


Our planet these days is greater urban than ever. More than 1/2

Charting A Future For The Colorado River

The Colorado River Basin is in uncharted territory. How are we able to come together to construct resilience in a warm and dry destiny?

The Colorado River Basin—which components eighty% of the water utilized by Coloradans—is ground 0 for weather exchange within the United States. The Southwest is witnessing a historic mega-drought and the Colorado River’s drift has declined by using 20% during the last century. Looking ahead, scientists estimate that with the aid of way of 2050 the river’s waft ought to decrease with the useful resource of as masses as 31%.

We are feeling the consequences of climate alternate in our outdoor these days. In the summertime of, the Bureau of Reclamation first introduced a Tier 1 water deficit, major to compulsory water cuts for Arizona, Nevada, and Mexico in 2022. It poses the principle danger to water components for people, agriculture, and organizations. Those who rely upon the fish and natural international alongside this river.

The precise statistics is that there are things we’re capable of do to assist the Colorado River Basin. These strategies include decreasing water use, modernizing infrastructure, improving forest fitness, decreasing flood harm by way of using natural landscapes to purify and shop water, and improving movement and river health. Includes doing. We want to spend money on solutions for you to not only help us in higher controlling our water supply inside the short time period but also build climate resilience over a long time.

Colorado River Basin

Low water degree in a reservoir.

Green Mountain Reservoir Low water stage at Green Mountain Reservoir in Heaney, north of Silverthorne, Co. 

Low Water Stage In A Reservoir.

Low Water Levels Powell and Lake Mead,  vital reservoirs that keep water from the Colorado River, have water stages down to 34% of their ability. © Rick Cooper

A river flowing through a valley.

Crossing the Border The Colorado River and all of its tributaries provide ingesting water to more than forty million humans in seven states and international locations.

How can Colorado help improve water safety?

With over two decades of experience within the Colorado River Basin, The Nature Conservancy (TNC) is privy to firsthand how essential partnership and collaboration is in developing a sustainable and resilient destiny.

Together, we have addressed water-demanding situations for the duration of Colorado, which includes assisting to create the Yampa River Fund, upgrading irrigation infrastructure on taken into consideration one in the biggest water diversions on the Yampa River, and wooded place healing in the South Platte watershed. Partnering with nearby water utilities, and working with farmers and ranchers throughout the nation to creatively and collaboratively control water to address water shortages. We also are partnering with tribal nations and indigenous companies to create solutions for water that enhance their voices, alternatives, and movements.

These 365 days, we have become a member of organizations around Colorado to have fun in our united states of America’s waters, dedicated to the concept that “it all begin spotting the rate of water and developing statistics on how water connects all of us, upstream and downstream, past, present, and destiny. In this initiative, we’re using education, attention, amplification, and insights from various voices, and extra to encourage conservation and safety. Collectively, we must make sure that our water meets all of the desires of these days and for generations to come back.