Does Tucker Carlson Wear a Toupee?


Tucker Swanson Carlson was born May 16, 1969. He is an American television host, conservative political analyst and author who has presented the nightly political talk show on Fox News since 2016. Overtime, fans have admired his luxurious and bouncy hair, while some believe it is natural, some hold the belief that he wears a toupee.

In this article, we will discuss all that has to do with Tucker and toupee. Our dedication and commitment to providing quality men’s toupees has led us to provide this interesting information for you. Read and enjoy!

Now to the real question, does Tucker Carlson wear a toupee?

While there may not be a straight forward answer to this, in a humorous event, on a Wednesday night, Tucker Carlson surprised viewers when he changed his hair on video to disclose that he uses a LEGO hair piece that links to a stud on his head. The revelation left viewers in a state of disbelief. It was reported that the host of Tucker Carlson Tonight was unaware that cameras were rolling during the event.

Carlson’s devoted followers have shown their support for the Fox News anchor by overwhelming local LEGO stores in the days after his revelation and purchasing all of the available products. Randy Howards, a conservative who has lived his entire life, stated that he was present to show support for “a true American hero.” “May God bless the United States of America and my brand-new hair helmet. If the liberals try to hit me with baseball bats when I’m participating in counter protests, I won’t let them!”

Even though the scene was a parody, Carlson became responsible for a significant number of men deciding to get hairpieces since they realized it can be a solution to hair loss.

In another short interview with Extra TV, Carlson joked about his hair and revealed that he has been able to keep his hair thick and luxurious with the help of a toupee. He said he gets his natural hair piece from Mumbai that gives him the most natural look.

Tucker Carlson made a big news on television with toupees because fans admired how he jokes about them.

Why do Celebrities Wearing Toupees Make Big News?

We all know that it is often hard for celebrities to keep most activities about their life private. They are always in spot light but the news about them wearing wigs always go viral, it is not accidental. It is for these reasons!

1.  Fans Thought It Was Their Real Hair

When fans eventually find out that their adored figure has been using a toupee, they get caught with surprise. Some wear their wigs low-key and we get surprised when we know they actually wear toupees.  Fans then take to their social media platforms to make a broadcast in awe of their discovery. When a celebrity removes his hairpiece, it shocks some fans who believed that they wears their natural hair.

2. New Trends

Celebrities are a great force when it comes to marketing products and making them become trendy. Their use of toupees has made them the trend setters in the world of wigs. Most people became comfortable with using hair toupees when they discovered that their favorite celebrity uses it. After Tucker revealed that he uses a toupee, men rushed to get their toupees. It has become a trend that those who suffer hair loss use toupees as an instant solution.

Think about this, if celebrities will rock men’s toupees, you can!

3.  It speaks of change

Most times, celebrities change their look with toupees when there is a major change coming up in their life like projects, a new look, a new movie, new tv shows. It could also be a drastic change in their life like hair loss or disease. They have shown us that toupees can give you many different looks as possible for each event, goal and projects that you have

Which Kind of Toupee Does Tucker Carlson Use? 

Fans have always admired Tucker’s full front hair and the wavy texture. It will be quite difficult to point out the exact type he uses because some argue that he wears his natural hair. But there are variety of toupees that will give you the tucker look.

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2. Natural Lace Front

The toupee includes a French lace top that makes it incredibly light and airy, you won’t have any issues with wearing it in hot weather or when exercising. You will have every styling choice imaginable because to the natural-looking front hairline and the freestyle nature of the hair.

It is ideal for a hairpiece because it is natural looking, breathable, and easy to attach. This pre-made hairpiece is available in a wide range of different base sizes and hair hues to suit your needs.

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