Download GB WhatsApp Pro APK for Android [Official]


The GB WhatsApp Pro has many new features, including the ability to edit and style your text status, multiple call rejection types (No internet, offline calling, etc.) and, most importantly, more control over the group by the Group Admin.

This site offers the latest version of GBWhatsApp Pro. There are many sites offering fake GBWhatsapp. But here, we upload the original file that has been modified by AlexMODs.

Get GBWhatsApp Pro on your Android Phone today and create your WhatsApp account. You will never go back to the Typical Orignal WhatsApp again after you have started using GBWhatsApp Pro Version.

You can now reply to all messages with emojis instead of just replying. WhatsApp defaults with 5 emojis. However, on GB WhatsApp, you can create your own custom Emojis to respond. Now you can also download Whatsapp Plus to enjoy its all amazing features.

Additional In-Chat translators: GBWhatsApp Pro now supports Bengali and Tamil as well as Gujrati, Punjabi. Urdu and Vietnamese. Any message can be translated directly into 50+ languages from chats.

What is GBWhatsApp?

Social connectivity has increased with the rise in internet use. It was launched in 2009 and has been a huge success. Now, the connection between the people or groups of people you love is as simple as eating a piece of cake. As we all know, Whatsapp is a huge boon to our society. Because it is a fast way to communicate with others, it is the best way to connect. A TEXT MESSAGES can be used along with a VOICE CALL, also known as WhatsApp Call. This is very clear and requires very little internet. An average call lasting 30 minutes would use 5.5 MB internet.

It offers voice and text calling, as well as a VIDEO CALL option. Video calls were again an advantage as one doesn’t need to download another app for video calls. It saves time and allows us to manage our internal space on the phone.

GB Whatsapp, an updated version of WhatsApp that is not officially licensed, has many more features than the official WhatsApp. Approximately 80% of people don’t know it exists (GB Whatsapp). People rely on the Playstore and ioS stores to download apps so they don’t know such things exist.

What is GB WhatsApp Pro and what are its benefits?

GBWhatsApp Pro allows two users to be on one phone by directly using GBWhatsApp Pro. This gives you all the benefits of app cloners but without the storage space or RAM drawbacks. The third-party apps ( fm whatsapp ) offer exclusive features that are not available elsewhere, including chat themes, hidden receipts, app locks and multi-user functionality. 

Privacy Options

GBWhatsApp Pro offers privacy settings that aren’t available in the official app. These settings allow you to hide/show your online status and hide/show blue ticks. You can also hide/show double ticks.

App Lock

To access your messages and enter the app, you will need a pattern, pin, password, or fingerprint. This provides additional security and protects your messages from prying eyes even if they have access to your phone. If you want, your PIN or Password can be displayed while you are typing them.

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The GBWA APK included themes, which are now one the best features of the mod. These themes allow you to modify your app layout as often as you want. There are many themes already available and more are being added daily.

Auto Reply

First, this auto-reply function can be used to instantly reply to your friends. This feature can be used to promote your business by sending unlimited bulk sms to any chat group or chat.


We hope you have successfully downloaded the GBWhtasApp Pro Latest Version from our site. This website can be saved or bookmarked for future updates.

Although there are many sites that offer the same Apk file on Google, our site offers unique advantages such as sharing multiple versions of GBWhatsApp from different developers.