Elizabeth Arden Perfume – American vs. French Perfume


If you dropped out of nursing school and started your career as a modest accountant in a pharmaceutical company, do you think you could have a global business empire? In fact, it was the “normal” backdrop of Florence Nightingale Graham, who founded the skincare and beauty brand Elizabeth Arden. Born in Canada, she dropped out of nursing school and worked as an accountant for Squibb Pharmaceutical in 1909. Less than 20 years later it is said that there are only 3 brand names anywhere in the world; Clothesline, C-Cola and day spa Tulsa OK Arden perfume. Great success from humble beginnings.

He befriended several workers from Squibb

 Laboratories and spent much of his free time there. Here he developed an interest in skin care, which was just beginning to develop. She is said to have worked part time as a ‘check girl’ for one of the first beauty shops. The combination of learning how to manufacture such creams and selling them to customers seems to have resulted in its global store selling only its skincare and cosmetic brands. The next step is to move to France – a bold act for a girl, but perhaps expensive. Born in Canada, he had the advantage of being able to speak French, but he found the country’s culture very different from the culture he was used to in his youth. She is educated, gets some tips on beauty techniques and creates many face creams.

Back in New York, she brought back the face powder she made.

 In the US at the time, only athletes wore makeup, so it was a strange idea for an average woman to do the same. The idea of ā€‹ā€‹”movers” is new and exciting for women in the entertainment world and seems to be at home with those who love these new ideas. Working with Fabian Swanson was a source of inspiration for his company. A pharmacist by training, Swanson developed a “disgusting face cream” that was very different from the oil traps that were popular at the time. Scientific design is emphasized and many historic products are built around this concept.

Based on this initial success, a number of products have been developed.

The concept of foundation and skin tone was born, all with matching cosmetics such as nail polish, blush, and mascara. It has been the corporate headquarters for many years. The launch of Elizabeth Arden’s perfume line was much later, she may have worked in France due to her exposure to French perfumes, but that’s just a nail. At the height of his career, he owned villas in New York, Washington, Boston, Chicago, Beverly Hills, San Francisco, Maine, Arizona, Phoenix, Southampton, Surfside, Florida, Palm Beach, Philadelphia, Honolulu, Lima. Toronto, Montreal, Melbourne, Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, Johannesburg, London, Paris, Zurich, Vienna, Milan, Rome, Cannes, Madrid, Brussels, Copenhagen, The Hague, London, Ontario, Cape Town, Nassau, Tulsa, Quebec The city of Biarritz He rode them all with his own hands and found them all except in Paris, which he gave to his sister.Unfortunately, Elizabeth Arden ignored all suggestions to prepare her estate for her death. As a result, his estate was taxed when he died and much of his property was sold to help pay for the death penalty. After Elizabeth Arden’s death, the company shifted its new product focus to a certain degree on women’s fragrances. The signature center is called “Red Door”, named for their spa called “Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon”. Their famous versions are “Fifth Avenue”, “Green Tea”, “Angry Woman” and most recently, “Mediterranean”. They have signed many licensing deals with celebrities and have created perfumes for Britney Spears, Elizabeth Taylor and Mariah Carey.

Elizabeth Arden perfume is available in most US

Department stores and some perfume shops, but are rarely available in the perfume industry. Is this American perfume better than a French perfume? Is this an argument that one point is more important than another?

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