GAC MOTOR Standard SUV All New GS4 Review


SUVs have been all the rage for quite some time now. GAC Motor has been producing them for years, and their All New GS4 model is of great interest. What sets this standard SUV apart from others is its unique design.

All New GS4 Specs

  • Fuel economy: 6.8 Litre per 100km
  • Maximum power: 124kw
  • Maximum torque: 265N·m
  • Tank size: 55L
  • Weight: 1500-1540kg
  • Engine:  E-Turbo/GCCS/DCVVT
  • Displacement (mL): 1495
  • Transmission: 6AT

For starters, it has 17-inch wheels, which are not commonly seen in SUVs. Additionally, its grille is very eye-catching and different from most SUVs. As you walk around to the back of the All New GS4, you’ll notice the LED brake lights, fog lights, and taillights.

These are situated next to the chrome-plated exhaust and the lift gate boot. The 268 cm wheelbase provides ample space for the 454.5 cm long body, which is 185.6 cm wide and 166.8 cm tall. The total weight of the vehicle is 1.54 tons.

All New GS4 driver’s and passenger’s comfort

As soon as you step inside the standard SUV All New GS4, you’ll notice how it has been designed for comfort and functionality. With high-quality fabrics and leather used for upholstering its seats and an automatic air conditioning system, this car will make every ride pleasant.

You can also adjust the driver and front passenger seats to your liking, plus they come with built-in heating – perfect for those cold winter mornings. Additionally, a sunroof comes with a shield to prevent jamming and even defrosting capabilities on your back windshield.

The Bluetooth system in this car is top-of-the-line. It has a radio system with six speakers, and the video system is top-notch. The rear-view parking feature is also very useful.

All New GS4 on the road

The All New GS4 has a six-speed mechanical gearbox and an E-Turbo/GCCS/DCVVT engine. It can reach 265NM.

For safety, two airbags are at the front and on the sides. There are also force restrictors and pretensioners. The theft alarm is coupled with an engine immobilizer for added security.

The All New GS4 has fitted a lane departure and front collision warning system to help keep you safe on the road. The brake system has been updated to include a hydraulic and parking brake control, ensuring stability and safety while driving.

Bottom line

Are you in the market for a compact SUV? Then you need to check out GAC Motor! They have a great selection of models, each packed with state-of-the-art technology. 

The All New GS4 stands out as a standard size SUV and a car with a non-slippery relationship with performance. For a 265 nm torque, a fuel economy of 6.8Litre per 100km and a powerful engine, be sure there are no SUVs to best this when you couple it with the buying price. With GAC Motor’s experience in car design and development, it is always releasing new and innovative models. So, go to their store and find the perfect SUV for you!

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