Goechala Trekking in West Sikkim: The Best Trek



Trekking in other places is not as exciting as the Goecha La Trek. Many adventure-lovers and trekkers have shared their experiences here. Like other treks like Varsey Trek or Dzongri Trek, the beautiful Goecha La Trek can be found in Sikkim. The Goecha La Trek offers a breathtaking view that is unmatched by any other trek. The trek takes you through the middle Rhododendron forest and is filled with incredible beauty and tranquility.

About the Location

It is located in Sikkim’s western Himalayas. This pass runs between West Sikkim’s border and North Sikkim. From here, one can view the third highest peak in the world, Mt. Kanchenjunga. Yuksom is the base camp for this Goechala trekking trek and other treks like the Singalila trek. This base camp also serves as the base camp for some expedition summits. Most treks start from Yuksom. This trek is unique from other treks.

What makes this trek so different?

It’s difficult because you can see 20-25 mountain peaks from Goechala’s summit. Kanchenjunga, and many other peaks. A clear view of the majestic and beautiful mountain is necessary to be able to see all its summits. The Goechala trek, one of the most difficult and beautiful treks in Sikkim, is also one of the most challenging.

This Trek is best done at night

When the weather is not too hot or too cold, the best times to goechala trekking are March to June and September to December. These are the best times to see the mountains clearly and catch the sunrise or sunset. October and November are mainly dry and cold months. It is a time when the weather is cool, crisp, and comfortable. This makes it a great time to visit.

There are many mountain ranges in Sikkim. But Kanchenjunga is the highest and most beautiful. It is also a beautiful place to see the sun shining, which is a joy to the tourist’s eyes. This is why people choose Goecha La Trek.

The nearby locations

Samiti Lake, another popular tourist spot in Goecha La trek is worth a visit. The stunning view of the lake at sunrise is breathtaking and well worth the effort. Trekkers are treated to a magical moment of reflection from the hills around them. The Kanchenjunga mountain sunrise view is the best place to see a real sunrise.

Not only Kanchenjunga is visible, but all major mountain ranges of Sikkim can be seen from Goecha La Trek. This is the only trekking spot in Sikkim where trekkers can view all major mountain ranges. It is also the best trekking point.

The traveling

You will travel through many moraines on your journey to Goecha La Trek. You’ll reach the Zamatheng Plateau and Samiti Lake. Samiti Lake is a beautiful example of the Pandim mountains’ artistic image and offers many picturesque sights. You will see the white snow on Goecha La’s mountain-tops and the blue sky if you visit Goecha La in October.

The trek is approximately 90km long and the highest point at the trekking stations is about 16,200 feet. Plan your trip to GoechaLa to trek with your friends and family. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and enjoy your time with loved ones.

How to reach the peak

To reach the stunning Kanchenjunga viewpoint, and many other great mountain ranges, it takes approximately 9-10 days. Trekkers can spend the night in Yuksom, where they begin their trek. The Teesta River Bridge, a stunning and worthwhile point to see, is where you’ll be able to remember your trek and share a great time with family and friends. You will cross the Rathong River from Yuksom to Sachen.

Short Itinerary

  • 1. Day: Yuksom (1760m) to Sachen (26221m).
  • Trekking from Sachen (2160m), to Tsokha (295m), 2nd day
  • Third Day: Trek from Tsokha (2960m) to Dzongri (39330m).
  • 4th Day: Acclimatization Day
  • 5th Day: Trekking from Dzongri (33930m) to Thansing (3900m).
  • 6th Day: Trekking from Thansing (3900m), to Lamuney (4120m).
  • 7th day: Trek to Goecha la pass, then return to Thangsing (16.500ft, 4.960m).
  • 8th Day: Tshoka Thangsing