Grattan Studio – Ideal New York Photography Rental Studio


Do you want to find the top photography studios for rent? Are you looking for a photography rental studio in your neighborhood if you’re organizing a picture or video shoot? We have an indoor studio in New York. We provide the best in current photographic equipment at a fair price in a modern setting surrounded by the lively culture of Brooklyn. We strive to offer a seamless atmosphere for your next creative venture for each of our clients.

Our New York City Studio Is a Game-Changer

Grattan Studio in New York City can meet all of your professional photographic needs. Because of our great lighting equipment, our studio can perform unique projects. Regardless of your motive for renting, our photography studio rental space will provide you with the ideal opportunity to build your portfolio and network in a cutting-edge space in Brooklyn.

What Sets Us Apart From Other New York City Photography Studios

Photo studios are an excellent way to expand your brand or get distinctive recognition (for models, influencers, bloggers, etc.). While choosing a New York film studio can be tough, Grattan Studio makes the process as simple as possible.

Grattan Studio has everything you need, from Profoto lighting to entertaining accessories to play with. We keep our workspace clutter-free to assist our clients’ most ambitious ideas. Our NYC photo studio for hire is great for shooting and post-production editing.

Grattan Studio is a suitable setting for a variety of artistic endeavors:

  • Product and still life photography
  • Fashion or beauty photography
  • Taking Family Photographs
  • Catalog and brand photography
  • Workshops, yoga, masterclasses, and so on.

Our picture studio rental, which includes access to various backdrops and props, will help you achieve your business or personal goals.

Reasons to Select Our Photography Studio


Our Brooklyn photo studio has 10ft-tall windows that face south and let in plenty of natural light throughout the day. Throughout the summer, diffused light fills Grattan Studio (with direct sunlight only during golden hours), while direct sunlight enters the area during the spring, fall, and winter. In our space, blinds can block out the sun if necessary.

Access to a Professional Photographic Studio is Simple

Any filmmaker or photographer understands the agony of hauling around heavy equipment and lenses. Renting our space relieves you of the hassle of transporting your equipment, which includes Profoto lighting, a Manfrotto tripod, a Profoto transmitter, a portable backdrop holder, a wall-mounted backdrop holder, a C-stand, a garment rack, a steamer, and other accessories.

It’s Time to Hire a Photography Studio

Booking a photography rental studio has never been easier.

We do things like this to book Photo Studio time at the Grattan Studio:

  • To reserve your appointment, choose a date and time from the calendar. Online payment is available. Before you come, make sure you have the necessary credentials.
  • Guests may cancel their reservation and receive a full refund 72 hours before the event’s start time. 
  • Teams of up to ten members are permitted.

When renting a photo studio in Brooklyn from us, you may obtain the best photos. Visit our website to schedule an appointment. Check the terms and conditions before making a reservation.