How BigCommerce SEO Services Help You Achieve Ranking


BigCommerce is an eCommerce platform that is well-known all over the world. Merchants choose this platform to run their online stores because it is easy to use and has great customer service. However, merchants are paying attention to search engine optimization to improve their ranking, which is linked to better conversion rates. In this article, you will grab information about how BigCommerce SEO services can help you achieve an excellent ranking. 

6 Ways To Rank High With BigCommerce SEO

Keyword Analysis & Strategy

The data-driven keyword research can assist you in identifying the most profitable keyword prospects for your BigCommerce store. BigCommerce SEO services help you pick the keywords for which your site has the greatest probability of ranking. In other words, the experts will assist you in getting your BigCommerce site to rank for the high-value keywords that will direct organic visitors to the product pages that generate the most revenue for your business.

Keep in mind in competitive eCommerce marketplaces; keyword selection is one of the most crucial components of an SEO campaign. 

Publish Relevant and Quality Content

It is the most important factor in determining your search engine rankings, and there is no better alternative than quality content. Building your brand’s authority and improving your store’s ranking is accomplished by including authoritative content on your BigCommerce website that users find interesting. This content can take the form of rich media, blog posts, articles, and more.

The content marketing team will create ideas and manage content generation for your site. Hence increasing the amount of traffic that visits your store, the number of backlinks that go to your site, and the level of brand recognition that you have.

On-Page SEO 

To perform better in search results, content management systems (CMS) platforms like BigCommerce require particular SEO capabilities and improvements. On-page BigCommerce SEO optimization services cover a wide variety of optimizations, such as title tags, meta descriptions, and more. 

Web Design & Development 

The design team will work with you to create a stunning and engaging BigCommerce website that draws attention, does well in search engine results, and increases conversions. Professional website designers are experts in BigCommerce shop themes and can help your site avoid cookie-cutter layouts so that you make a bigger impression. 

Optimizing on a Technical Level 

Rich snippets, which include reviews, product information, and pricing, are added to your search results through the application of high-quality coding standards and BigCommerce SEO services will ensure that each landing page on your website gets crawled and indexed effectively, even if your website contains hundreds of product pages. Simply utilizing their technical SEO tools may result in faster website load times, higher keyword ranks, and increased organic traffic.

Strategic Site Architecture 

When it comes to e-commerce websites, which can include hundreds of product pages, site architecture is of the utmost importance. Many BigCommerce SEO services optimize the architecture of your website. It’s because consumers can quickly identify the things they are looking for, and also, search engines can easily index your pages.

They make sure that the framework of your website, including all of its internal links, navigation bar, category pages, and shopping cart, is optimized adequately. 


In reality, the BigCommerce store performs very well in search engine optimization. When you work with a specialized agency providing BigCommerce SEO services, your website will receive an outstanding ranking and targeted traffic.

They will make the best use of powerful SEO features that improve your website’s position in search engine results. For instance, they will work on page titles, off-page & on-page content, meta descriptions, and much more. Be thoughtful when hiring professionals, as experienced and skilled agencies will be fruitful to you.