How Can Antibacterial Laminate Assist You In Creating A Hygienic Environment?


The world has never been so concerned with hygiene in every step of daily routine before. The pandemic has changed the course of life in so many ways and maintaining hygiene everywhere is one of the most significant of them. From homes to commercial places people are looking for new ways to keep their surroundings as germ-free as possible. The use of antibacterial laminates can aid in this regard in keeping any surface germ free. 

Everyone is already aware of the growing popularity of laminate sheets for resurfacing and reinventing both personal and commercial spaces. Such digital decorative laminates are extremely versatile to use on various surfaces like walls, ceilings, shelves, cabinets and so on. They can make anything look elegant and stunning. On top of it, some digital laminates come with an antibacterial top coat which can inhibit up to 99% growth of microorganisms. We, at Royale touch laminates, have some high-quality antibacterial laminate sheets to offer which you can use to create hygienic yet aesthetic surroundings. You can trust our quality as we are one of the best laminate manufacturers in India.  

What are decorative laminates?

Decorative laminates are resurfacing materials manufactured by compressing multiple layers of phenolic resin-soaked brown kraft paper. They are compressed by using hydraulic pressure to produce high-pressure laminates. Such laminates are exceptionally durable, and heat, fire, water, smudge and scratch resistant. A decorative layer of various textures and designs on top of the compressed sheet and finished off with a transparent protective coat. They are among the most widely used surfacing materials both by leading industries and residential spaces. 

What are antibacterial laminates?

In the last step of laminate manufacturing, it can be transformed into an antibacterial one. During the final resin bath, the antimicrobial coating can be added to the sheets making them antimicrobial. We will get a surface that will exhibit long-term resistance to microbial growth and thus reduce cross-contamination. 

Antibacterial laminate sheets can prove to be a boon in places like hospitals, healthcare facilities or schools where maintaining hygiene is of utmost importance. Even at homes, especially in kitchens or bathrooms creating a hygienic environment is always essential. Our range of decorative laminates with an anti-bacterial coating will help you create a germ-free environment in homes, commercial and public places.

Here is how antibacterial laminate sheets can help you have a hygienic environment.

Curtail the chance of cross-contamination and spreading of germs

Antibacterial laminates can prevent cross-contamination at places like offices, schools, colleges, and other public places. Preventing the spread of germs is even more essential at healthcare centres, clinics and hospitals. Therefore using such laminates everywhere from tabletops to walls and doors to cabinets and shelves will reduce the chance of contamination to a great extent. You must go for the premium quality of such laminates like the ones we are offering to get the maximum effect.

Maintains the air quality of the space

At home, the role of antibacterial laminates is also significant. They are quite impactful in areas like the kitchen, living and bedroom. Such laminates do not allow the bacteria to settle on the surface. Consequently, there will be less chance of transmission of microbes through heating or cooling systems in the house. The air conditioning system will accumulate fewer microbes resulting in improved air quality. The residents can come home to a germ-free environment where they can breathe in the fresh air.

Enhanced aesthetic appeal

The look of your beautiful laminate will be compromised if moulds and mildew start to develop on the surface. An antibacterial coating can help maintain the aesthetic of your laminate design for a very long time. Our high-quality laminates come with an efficient antibacterial top coat which can extend the lifespan of your installation for many years. The colours or textures will remain intact as no fungus can grow on the surface. 

Essential in any commercial setting

Antibacterial laminates will come out as extremely effective in high-traffic areas like gyms, restaurants, public utilities or any other commercial setting. Such areas require constant maintenance throughout the day. Still, they are very much prone to contamination as different surfaces get constantly touched. Installing antibacterial surfaces can help the situation to a considerable degree. Opt for the best quality laminates as something you will get at Royale touch to have a more hygienic surrounding in such places.

Ensures durability 

As harmful microbes will be unable to enter the surface freely, the life of the laminates will get extended. Microbial growth can affect the durability of laminate making them decay sooner. An antibacterial top coat will not only protect it from rotting but also make maintenance easier.  

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