How to Become an Instant Celebrity on facebook


Do you want to appear on Ellen deGeneres show? Or maybe you want to have a break from your monotonous job at the postal office and now you are trying to be a facebook sensation with your hard fought video concept? If you want to become an instant hit on facebook, you can buy facebook page followers and earn your first 10, 000 views in an instant. But that figure does not sounds too satisfying especially if what you want is an Adele album that earned thousands of recognitions and multi million worth of album sold all over the globe.

Yes, as we all know, this music supernova used to be a singer aspirant who found her way to success when a record album producer discovered her video on facebook and to cut it lean and short, the rest is history. If you also want to follow her way to stardom, you should remember few and realistic things that you should accept.

The first thing that you need to deal with is your talent. Admit it or not, talent creates a great impact on how people will accept you. Although there are some who became instant celebrities on facebook because of their different kind of talent, let us go back to the basic needs of music and film industry. If you do not have an outstanding talent you won’t stay long in the business.

You will end up showing up on different TV shows but after 10 days of instant popularity, someone can easily replace you on the spot when that new guy appears singing underwater. To be a facebook icon, you should know how to wide spread your video on the right people and that includes-producers, talent agents and movie directors