How To Run Interactive Internal Events In 2022


Hosting an interactive internal event on one side is pretty tough but on the other hand, with the right plans becomes a lot easier. A well-thought-out plan with desired objectives in mind is the catalyst that any event requires. 

There is no fixed method to run an interactive internal event. However, with the latest trends taking over, it is wise to only curate an internal event around them.

Now, if you go over to Google to find out internal events trends, you might get confused since there is a sea of options available. Keep on reading, as we have mentioned the best ones here. 

Ideas For An Interactive Internal Event

Social Media Wall

A social wall is causing stirs in the marketing world at the moment. You can create a free social wall to display aggregated feeds from several social media platforms, like Instagram, Twitter, and others, all in one location. 

In addition, digital panels that automatically update content in real-time are combined with social feeds in the form of hashtags, handles, or mentions. 

Uses for this compiled social media content from many sources include hashtag campaigns, brand promotion, events, and social media marketing.

Additionally, with its digital display, Social Wall captures clients’ attention and fosters a sense of trust among event attendees.

Live Translation

The popularity of virtual events has allowed event organizers to reach a larger audience and scale their activities. The language barrier is a great obstacle to overcome, though.

While English is still frequently used as the language of instruction for events in the United States. Speaking the language of your audience can help you connect with guests who would otherwise be unable to participate in the presentation if they didn’t speak it.

Until now, meeting and event hosts had to rely on outside translators to facilitate their gatherings. However, the volume and accessibility of live translation tools for digital events are anticipated to grow, benefiting businesses.

Both online and offline event spaces can gain a competitive advantage by including live translation in their event packages. Additionally, they will be able to collaborate with event organizers in places throughout the world that they would not otherwise go to.

QR Codes

Physical marketing tools like event posters, speaker business cards, and postcards for event ticket leads benefit greatly from adding QR codes to their designs.

Event planners rely on this technology considerably more than before because they also need a compelling landing page to close the purchase. Even event registrations may be organized easily with QR codes.

As another touchless method of connecting event organizers with participants, event venues can use QR codes in their safety arsenal following current health regulations. Offer QR codes for venue maps, event check-ins, brand experiences, and more.

Virtual Reality

Leviev predicts that by 2023, people may frequently attend virtual reality events and incorporate VR technology into meetings worldwide.

More platforms will be available for event organizers to interact with guests. However, since VR headsets are still not commonplace, this might be beyond your financial means. This might alter, though, if demand and interest increase in the upcoming years. For the time being, think about including a VR element for VIPs who cannot travel or as an add-on activity to your digital events.

To boost profitability, event venues will seek to offer VR gear rentals. Ensure you have enough space on the floor for activities that call for mobility. Each individual must have a space around them at least 3 feet by 3 feet when wearing headsets.

Facebook has indicated that they are heavily investing in VR gear for conferences and meeting participants who want to attend as avatars. The application is known as Horizon Workrooms.

Digital Photo Booths

Experts believe there will be an increased demand for photo booths for both online and hybrid events, enabling attendees to share testimonials about their experiences. This raises awareness for a cause they care about. 

Use online photo booths to take branded images, animated GIFs, Boomerangs, and quick movies of attendees. Engagement on branded channels rises as a result. It is also helpful for enhancing organic SEO when used in conjunction with automatically created captions and event hashtags.

Venues for live and hybrid events can provide more options for engaging guests. Hotels and other interior spaces can also dazzle guests with branded experiences in between events.

To allow guests to take branded selfies and share them on social media before the event, Adobe Summit recruited the assistance of digital photo booth provider Snapbar.

Wrapping Up!

Internal events are the trend and will always be in trend in the marketing world. However, in case you have organized events. If you have not received the success you need, this guide would also serve as the perfect launchpad for future event success.