How to Select the Right Rubber Tracks for Your Skid Steer?

Skid Steer

Skid steer loaders are popularly used in the construction industry because of their versatility, efficiency, and flexibility. 

They are compact and agile machines that an operator can easily maneuver in narrow spaces and uneven surfaces, making them perfect for different construction tasks.  

However, not all skid steers are designed equal and, thus, provide efficient performance. Many factors and components impact their performance, and one such part is rubber tracks. 

The best rubber tracks for mini excavator provides optimal traction, support, and stability to the machines. However, many different rubber track tread styles are available with different widths. Choosing the right rubber tracks from so many options can be overwhelming. 

This article enlists some factors you should consider to determine the best type, style, and size of skid steer rubber tracks. 

Wide or Narrow Rubber Tracks?

Skid steer loaders can be outfitted safely with narrow or wide rubber tracks. But you can’t fit all skid steers with the rubber tracks having the same width. You should find out which track width will be perfect for your machine.

For instance, you should get a wider rubber track for lower ground pressure and increased floatation. Narrow rubber tracks suit higher ground pressure, firmer grip, and increased traction. 

What Tread Patterns to Choose?

Another factor you must consider when choosing the best rubber tracks for mini excavator is the correct tread pattern. Here discussed are four significant types of rubber track tread patterns for skid steer loaders:

C-lug tread

The C-lug tread will have a staggered tread pattern with the notches cutting out to give the tracks a “C” look. 

The skid steer rubber tracks with C-lug tread patterns can provide the machine with a smooth ride, and the operator can use them on highway or off-road sites. Moreover, the cutting edges on this track will increase the machine’s traction, offering high performance. 

Straight-bar tread

Using the straight-bar tread is recommended if you want to operate a skid steer on a muddy, wet surface. The rubber tracks with this tread pattern can maximize skid steer loaders’ traction and prevent them from getting stuck in muddy environments.

Staggered tread

Rubber tracks with staggered tread patterns are perfect for rocky and gravelly surfaces and other abrasive terrains like highways. 

These tracks are usually highly durable, heat resistant, and don’t flake or tear easily on harsh terrain conditions. 

Multi-bar tread

Like straight-bar tread, rubber tracks with multi-bar tread patterns also increase machine traction. This tread pattern is ideal for loose and hard surfaces. Multi-bar treads offer increased traction on loose grounds and a smooth ride on hard surfaces. 

So, it will be best to get multi-bar tread tracks when working on job sites requiring you to constantly move from loose ground to hard surfaces. 

Examine the Tracks’ Construction

The best rubber tracks for mini excavator are made of multiple layers, each with a different function to help improve the equipment’s performance. 

You can find several track options, like rubber tracks with steel belts and tracks featuring heavy-duty carcasses. 

Determining the applications of skid steers, terrain conditions, and your budget can help you choose the best-suited rubber tracks with perfect construction. 

Summing up it all

Remember that rubber tracks significantly impact your skid steer’s performance and efficiency. Thus, selecting the right rubber tracks for your machine can help you reap various benefits. 

For instance, with better treads, you can reduce the need for skid steer loader maintenance while having less downtime, resulting in higher productivity. 

Additionally, superior rubber tracks can help enhance the equipment’s lifespan. So, when looking for a Vermeer skid steer for sale, see whether the machine is equipped with high-quality, right-sized tracks. 

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