HVAC Contractors in Athens GA Suggesting Furnace Maintenance Tips

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Furnaces are also an important part of the HVAC system, and the cold winter weather can decrease their efficiency if proper care is not taken. The winter brings frigid weather, rain, snow, and wind storms. If proper maintenance and care are not taken, serious issues can develop. According to the HVAC contractors in Athens, GA this is the appropriate time for furnace maintenance.

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Furnace Maintenance Tips by HVAC Contractors in Athens GA

It might seem that some of the tips mentioned below are not directly related to the HVAC system, but they impact the unit’s efficiency. Some tips mentioned below include homeowners taking care of themselves, boosting their immune system, adopting healthy habits, improving indoor air quality, hiring the best companies, and maintaining the HVAC system.

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Keeping Up with the Personal Hygiene

When homeowners and guests take good care of their hygiene, the HVAC unit will circulate healthy air into the room or property. Taking care of hygiene should be specially done during the winter because there is a high possibility that the health issues will increase in intensity.

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Following the Appropriate Coughing and Sneezing Method

The germ particles can spread in the house when a person sneezes and coughs. The best strategy to stop coughing and sneezing from reaching others is to cover the mouth and nose. You can use tissue paper or elbow to cover your nose and mouth.

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Boosting your Immune System

Sometimes excess use of the HVAC system can cause health issues like breathing problems and skin, eyes, and nose irritation. Everyone needs to boost their immune system by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This will help you maintain your health even when the HVAC system is shut down for maintenance and repair.

Drink Water to Avoid Dehydration

Many people often don’t drink the recommended quantity of water. This lack of water creates dehydration in the body, and serious health issues could develop, including urinary tract infections. It has been advised to drink at least eight glasses of water, even in winter.

Taking Rest will be Beneficial

Getting a good night’s sleep is another way of boosting your immune system. The cells in your also need to rest. This will make you healthy, and the need to keep the HVAC unit turned on all the time will not be necessary. So, health experts have recommended taking seven to eight hours of sleep.

Cleaning the Property for Improving Indoor Air Quality

It has been advised by staff of HVAC contractors like Superior Air Management to keep the property clean to improve the air quality inside. The carpets and window treatments should be vacuumed to keep the dust and dirt away from the house.

Hiring an HVAC Repair Company in Athens GA

The initial reason to hire HVAC companies is that they make the right diagnosis of the issues and then provide the most suitable services to solve them. These companies offer important services, including inspection, maintenance, repairs, replacement, and installing the HVAC system.

Thorough Cleaning of Air Filters

Homeowners should understand that air filters are also a part of the gas furnace. The function of the air filters is the same as in the air conditioning system. It is important to keep them clean to ensure the HVAC system is working uninterrupted and clean air reach all corners of the house.

Do Not Forget the Outdoor Unit

When clients hire the 24-hour HVAC in Athens, GA, the companies will provide services for both indoor and outdoor units. But often, homeowners insist on hiring services for the indoor unit only. Ignoring the outdoor unit can cause problems.

Area Around Outdoor Unit Cleared

Homeowners should ensure that the outside unit is set where no debris can fall or damage. If the outdoor unit can’t be placed in a shaded area, you should inspect the place and clear away the debris more often.

Have the Furnace Serviced

The HVAC contractors in Athens, GA, will provide various services including maintenance, cleaning, repairs, replacement, and installation. But servicing the HVAC units is one of the best services provided by the contractors. The reason is that the furnace will be cleaned and maintained to avoid issues and boost efficiency.

These are the maintenance tips that homeowners should follow for their furnaces.

Here are three questions to increase the understanding of furnace maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What maintenance does a furnace need?

The maintenance of a furnace done by HVAC contractors in Athens, GA, will include the following;

1.       A thorough inspection of both units.

2.       Apply lubricant to the moveable parts.

3.       Cleaning or replacing the air filters.

4.       Checking all safety gadgets.

How long does a furnace cleaning take?

Professional staff will take almost two hours to finish cleaning the furnace.

What happens if furnace is not cleaned?

While ignoring furnace cleaning, you might be letting debris inside the property. This will create several health issues and decrease the efficiency of the HVAC system.

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