Instagram Guides and How Do You Create One

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We weren’t content to explain Guides. So we asked two bloggers their opinions on the functionality and whether or not they plan to use it for work. Followers On Instagram

Ellina is an Estonian blogger. She shares tips on work-life balance and tells fantastic stories about her travels and life. Click Here

What do bloggers think about Guides

The international market is seeing a decline in eBooks and Guides. Guides are still top-rated in the Russian-speaking world, but next year, I think authors of guides will need to create something extraordinary to attract attention to their material.

High-quality products are becoming harder to find as we are constantly bombarded with information. The public is now more selective about what they spend their time on. Followers On Instagram

While the design is essential, the content of the Guide is even more critical. When creating a guide, I first consider how it will change the reader’s work process.

Which information is most useful for them?

Because I have other projects to concentrate on, I don’t intend to create my guides. Although I admit, there are several ideas for directions I could make for my colleagues–advertisers, agencies, and contractors, to a kind of memo that will allow both me and the reader to simplify and speed up our work processes.
–Ellina Daily

Vlad Bogutskiy is a blogger and digital marketer. He shares excellent tips on social media marketing, targeting, and advertising.

This functionality is becoming more popular with brands.

This functionality has enormous potential and is worth considering or using.

My dog (@vizsla_arya) is the first place I test any new functionality. If everything works well, I will forward the functionality to clients or businesses. It is a good idea to test the functionality before you use it in your work. Instagram sends push notifications to you when your shopping tags are working. This feature is fantastic and can be found in your ad management. It might not work if you are located in one of the CIS countries.

The idea behind Instagram Guides is excellent.

I believe many businesses, including offline shops, will use guides to show locations and other information. Manuals will also be available for bloggers! Everything worked perfectly when I tested it. I will soon be using Guides at work. Followers On Instagram
–Vlad Bogutskiy

Ideas for your Instagram Guide

You have a lot of topics that you can cover with Instagram Guides. You could even create guides based on your hobbies or profession. We thought it would be fun to share some ideas as a warm-up.

There are two ways to share content on Instagram:

Stories and posts. Reels look like a TikTok move to get more users, and there is IGTV content. We now have guides. Followers On Instagram

Guides are a feature that attempts to make Instagram more appealing. Guides are an excellent way for anyone to organize their content and share it on Instagram. This is great news for Instagram and those who use it to promote.

Instagram guides will only be discovered over time. Let’s give them a try and see what happens.

This is not just my opinion. Yesterday’s lawsuit against Facebook by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) strongly supports this view. The FTC is asking Facebook to end its ongoing, illegally maintained monopoly that has crushed competitors.

Playing Monopoly

Facebook is trying to dominate online sociality and eliminate competition by absorbing the services of its competitors into its apps. Facebook’s goal is to be an integrated super-app, but it still faces multiple apps (which is necessary to maintain an existing user base after you acquire an app).

A super app is one platform that has various services. However, that one company has all the data collected by these apps. Followers On Instagram

WeChat, a Chinese messaging app, is frequently cited as one of the first examples of a super-app7. It not only offers messaging services but also offers payments (e-wallets), food delivery, and shopping.

This scenario is not too far for the US-based company, as Facebook has four of the most popular apps in the West8 (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger).

What Happens to Blogs?

Will Instagram’s feature frenzy, especially a feature such as Guides, cause the demise or revival of the traditional blog? It’s not helpful to adopt a fatalistic view of the increasing dominance of Instagram apps (look at you, The Social Dilemma). However, I suspect Guides, an in-app feature, indicates a trend towards replacing independent blogs with more integrated features. Followers On Instagram

Independent blogs won’t disappear.

However, they will lose their importance and number as in-app blogs are searchable, linked to a more extensive follower base, and automatically connected with shops.

Our blog posts and other social media content will be integrated into the monetized Facebook bubble. This will shamelessly steal our creativity and communication. Followers On Instagram

Instagram Guides was launched in May 2020 by the Facebook-owned platform.

It primarily focused on wellness content that could be used to reduce stress caused by pandemics. They collaborated with organizations such as the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) and Headspace Australia, who provided tips for managing anxiety, grief, and connection throughout this year-long adventure.