Managed vs Unmanaged VPS Hosting: Which Is Right for You?

VPS Hosting

As your business grows and attracts more traffic, it is the perfect measure of your success. It means you are on the right track and doing everything right. However, as your business grows, so do your needs. A shared server might not cut it anymore. Upgrading to the right server will help your business grow steadily and achieve more success. This is why most people opt to upgrade to VPS hosting.

Once you decide VPS hosting is the next step for you, then comes the decision to choose between unmanaged and managed VPS hosting. If you’re confused about which one to pick, we have got you covered. Take a look at managed and unmanaged VPS hosting in-depth. 

What is Managed VPS Hosting?

You need to invest a lot of time, effort, and experience to manage a server on your own. Thankfully managed VPS hosting takes all of this responsibility off of your shoulders by dealing with maintenance, updates, and much more for you. This leaves you free to take care of the core duties of your business. Plus, if you are just starting out, you might not have the experience or expertise to run a server. In this case, managed VPS hosting is tailor-made for you.


  • Handles all the responsibilities efficiently without requiring your input.
  • You do not have to handle and pay an in-house tech team to take care of your server.
  • Ensures your system and all of its elements are updated and up-to-date.
  • Offers maximum uptime and holds responsibility for any downtime you experience.
  • Enforces advanced security and deals with any vulnerabilities to guarantee complete protection.
  • 24/7 technical support can help deal with any problem you might encounter quickly and efficiently.
  • Disadvantages
  • Managed VPS hosting is priced higher than its unmanaged counterpart. 
  • You do not have much control or flexibility over your server.

What is Unmanaged VPS Hosting?

Unmanaged VPS hosting is exactly the opposite of managed VPS hosting. So the server owner has to handle all the tasks related to the server including maintenance, updating, and much more. Your web hosting service will only provide the server and ensure it is available. 

If unmanaged VPS hosting is your pick, you need to ensure you have ample technical expertise and experience to handle all the responsibilities of the server efficiently so as not to disrupt your business and the entire operation. Unmanaged VPS hosting is more compatible with a business that is well established instead of a startup as you have a lot of responsibilities to handle when you are just beginning.


  • It costs less than managed hosting.
  • You have a say in all aspects of the server which allows higher customization and control. You get to choose the software, storage, network settings, and much more. 
  • Disadvantages
  • You need to be well-versed in all technical aspects and have substantial experience to run the server efficiently.
  • You are responsible to keep your system updated, which means always keeping an eye on any update or patch releases and putting them into use without delay.
  • You need to hire an IT team which increases your expense.
  • You have to deal with the entire server and all of its functioning, with limited technical support from your web hosting provider.
  • You have to monitor the server continuously just in case there are any problems or attacks.

Managed vs Unmanaged VPS Hosting- Which one should you pick?

The completely managed VPS assigns a team to deal with all the responsibilities of your VPS hosting, which helps you focus on other aspects of your business. A lot of businesses, especially startups opt for managed VPS hosting because of the benefits it provides. These include

  • Minimize risks

A managed VPS server ensures you are not unduly exposed to any malicious threat. Constant monitoring and maintenance guarantee advanced safety.

  • Flexibility and scalability

Your web hosting service will take into account your varying and evolving needs to offer the right amount of resources to ensure robust performance and smooth functioning.

  • Latest technology

Ensure your business can enjoy cutting-edge technology at an economical rate.

  • Expert professionals

A team of experts with a lot of experience are at your disposal day and night to ensure your server is functional, secure, and up-to-date. 


While managed VPS hosting is priced higher than unmanaged VPS, the cost cancels out when you take into consideration that unmanaged VPS has to employ a tech team to handle the server. Managed VPS hosting is also highly reliable and scalable, which makes it the perfect choice if you’re a startup or do not have the expertise to run your own server. Server setup can also take a lot of time and expertise, making managed hosting a much more desirable option. 

On the other hand, if you are confident in your ability to handle a server, you could always opt for unmanaged VPS hosting as it offers more control and the ability to customize it according to your needs. The choice is yours.