Microlight – up the sky, I fly so high!

microlight flying


There literally must be no one in this world who hasn’t wanted to fly in the air and imitate the birds in these manoeuvres. Every one of us has fancied flying in the air and if not like a bird then like a pilot at least. But with age, reason overcomes our dreams and gets cornered in our hearts as mere fantasies as it is not possible for everyone to become a pilot. After all, the future has its plans in store for us. But for one, technology has blessed us so far that now one does not have to be a pilot to live their dream of flying a plane. 

Yes, it is possible to fly an aircraft in the air, no matter what profession you’ve chosen for yourself. It is possible through Microlight Flying. 

What is Microlight flying? 

Microlight flying is an ever-popular aero sport. It is an activity where you get to ride an aircraft sitting next to the pilot for 10-15 minutes. It is absolutely different from usual flights as you’ll be sitting in a small aircraft next to the pilot and will be able to see the birds and clouds around you. One can also perform a few manoeuvres like changing directions and flying higher by slight degrees. 

Microlight aircraft are safe and with the latest technology, they’re less noisy and faster. They can travel longer at high speed. The huge frame with big and spreading wings ensures safety even in case the engine fails in the air during flight. 

Eligibility for microlight flying

Fortunately, there’s no eligibility for riding a microlight flight. You need to pass the necessary age and health criteria and you’re good to go. 

People of age above 10 are allowed to ride. The passenger must not be under the influence of drugs, or be I’ll or pregnant for more than 3 months. 

What are the locations to go for microlight flying in India

1. Mysore

Old Airport, Hangar number 2.

2. Jakkur, Bangalore

Located on Bellary road in Yelahanka, Bengaluru. 

3. Tambaram

Situated in Tambaram, Chennai. 

What is the best time to relish microlight flying?

The best time to go flying on a microlight aircraft is from October to march. Since microlight aircraft fly at lower altitudes, it is necessary that the skies are clear and the weather is stable. The months of winter, spring and late autumn are best to cherish the experience of flying up in the air. 

Things to know before going Microlight flying 

1. Only one passenger sits in the aircraft besides the pilot. 

2. The passenger must be above 10 years of age. 

3. Pregnant women, unfit persons, and persons under influence of drugs are not allowed to take the flight. 

4. Carry an id with you at the time of booking as well as while taking the flight. 

5. Foreign nationals must carry their passport. 

What does microlight flying feel like? 

Close your eyes and imagine sitting in the middle of the air surrounded by clouds suspended above the ground, gushing like water against the air up in the sky at high speed. You’re faster than the birds and higher than the trees! Everything on the ground is underneath you and around you is nothing but clear air. That’s what microlight flying feels like. It’s a feeling no less than flying like a bird. 

Do you have any questions about microlight flying? 

Here are the answers! 

1. Is it safe to fly in microlight aircraft? 

Microlight aircraft are safe. With the broad frame, they are prepared for a safe landing despite engine failure in the middle of the flight. 

2. Can one click pictures while up in the air? 

The passenger cannot click pictures in the middle of the flight for safety reasons. Once in the air, you cannot take out your phone. Try to cherish the experience to the fullest since it will be gone before you know it. However, the family members or friends on the ground can click pictures for them from below. 

3. How long is one flight? 

The microlight flights are not very prolonged. A typical flight usually lasts for 10 to 15 minutes in the air. Before the flight, you will be given a briefing about safety precautions and protocols to be adhered to strictly during the flight. 


Microlight flying is gaining popularity as an aero sport. One can experience the feeling of flying in the air however momentary it is and live their childhood dream of being a pilot, performing a few simple manoeuvres.