Online UPSC Coaching by Tathastu ICS


Assuming the Civil Services Examination is a daunting challenge that requires dedication and perseverance, accessing quality guidance can make all the difference in success. Tathastu ICS provides comprehensive courses with expert guidance as well as partner with Josh Talks’ motivational discourse and empowerment initiatives for assistance.

Offering various courses such as prelims crash course, BA+ UPSC coaching and optional subjects guidance – they have everything a student could need for success! Based in Old Rajinder Nagar they also provide students with resources that aid in their preparation journey.

For online UPSC coaching course, opt for Tathastu ICS.


Becoming a civil servant requires dedication, perseverance, and access to high-quality guidance and support from Tathastu ICS offers comprehensive courses that equip students with all of the tools they need for civil service aspirations success such as classroom lectures, study material and mock tests. Faculty are readily available and responsive to student queries through regular doubt clearing sessions or open door policies; additionally they also offer guidance via mentorship programs.

Tathastu ICS boasts an experienced faculty with diverse expertise in topics relevant to civil services exam preparation. Aspirants can leverage this knowledge and apply it in practical situations. In addition, teachers at Tathastu have extensive teaching experience and are widely respected for their motivational abilities; thus guiding aspirants from prelims through mains exam.

The institute provides its students with study materials such as textbooks and supplementary notes. Furthermore, daily mock tests that simulate real exam conditions help students improve their performance. Mock test results also give valuable insights into areas that require further development. Furthermore, one-on-one mentoring services and personalized feedback regarding test performances are provided as well as current affairs updates with discussions regarding current issues or events.


Tathastu ICS provides courses tailored specifically for newcomers and seasoned IAS candidates alike, from crash courses for prelims to courses that prepare you for philosophy optional. Their teachers serve as guides along your journey toward success; offering guidance and support throughout your UPSC preparation journey as well as plenty of study material such as textbooks, extra notes, practice tests to help you ace the ever-evolving UPSC pattern.

The institute’s faculty team comprises experienced civil servants and subject experts with vast knowledge in their respective fields. Furthermore, these highly approachable professionals are always quick to respond to student queries. Furthermore, its open-door policy and regular doubt clearing sessions foster a positive learning environment – essential elements that build students’ confidence and help ensure their success in future endeavors.

Furthermore, the institute offers multiple options to its students including its BA+UPSC course option and MA+UPSC coaching option, allowing students to complete both bachelor degrees while simultaneously preparing for civil services exams. Furthermore, Mangalayatan University also offers a diploma in administration that adds credibility and value to this course – one of the best choices available to those attempting IAS officer exams.


The institute charges an affordable fee and provides students with comprehensive study materials and personalized mentorship throughout their preparation journey. Their teachers are highly experienced and qualified individuals, and understand all of the nuances associated with taking an examination; additionally, they hold regular doubt-clearing sessions.

Tathastu ICS can assist in helping you overcome these difficulties and attain your dream of becoming a bureaucrat by offering expert guidance and comprehensive courses that prepare you for Prelims, Mains, and Optional subjects of the UPSC Civil Services Examination.

Tathastu ICS in Delhi stands out as an elite civil services coaching institute with high success rates and quality faculty members. Their teachers are experts at understanding the syllabus and exam pattern of Civil Services exams; teaching with practical examples to ensure their students comprehend concepts fully. Tathastu also offers access to numerous online resources and study material for its students.

The institute offers several course programs, from Prelims crash courses and 2-Year integrated programs for working professionals to crash Prelims courses and 3-Year or 2-Year integrated programs for working professionals. Teachers possess various areas of expertise ranging from Tejal Khandelwal’s proficiency in Polity to Dr. Tanu Jain’s knowledge in GS-4 and Philosophy optional subjects.


Tathastu provides numerous online resources that will assist students with preparing for the UPSC examination, such as e-books, video lessons and webinars that can be accessed anytime from any location – providing convenient study aids at home or away from campus. Furthermore, this institute also offers practice test series designed to mirror actual exam pattern conditions; these allows students to assess their progress and pinpoint any areas which need improvement.

Tathastu ICS mentors are experienced bureaucrats, equipped to lead students through the complexities of an exam. Committed to helping their students reach their goals, these seasoned bureaucrats provide personalized attention via regular doubt-clearing sessions as well as current affairs updates and analysis as well as feedback on test performance and interview strategies.

Tathastu ICS offers the BA+UPSC coaching course for those interested in civil services careers, which combines UPSC preparation with a master’s degree in administration that is accredited by UGC and affiliated with Mangalayatan University for added legitimacy and academic credibility to this program.

Dr. Tanu Jain is an ex-bureaucrat and leading this BA+UPSC coaching course gives it extra credibility and real world insights that could benefit aspiring UPSC aspirants.