Premium T-Shirts for Men – Tips to Look Fabulous


Walk around the streets where you live. Men will probably be wearing too big, loud, or faded T-shirts. It begs the question:

Can you wear a T-shirt and not look sloppy or boring? Or should stylish men only wear T-shirts to the gym or to do yard work? The truth is that you can look great in a T-shirt. A premium T-shirt for men has a place in everyone’s closet. To look good in one, you need to know the tricks. 

In this blog, we discussed some best ways to look good in a T-shirt today.

Figure out Your Body Type

So, how can a normal person look good in a T-shirt? To figure out if you’ll look good in a tee, you need to know the five main male body shapes and which one you are. The hard truth is that the first premium t-shirts for men you try on probably won’t look good on all body types.

You know the excess weight in your middle if you’re a thick or moderately large man. A tight T-shirt won’t very well hide this. A T-shirt might make your arms and upper torso look even thinner if you’re on the thin side.

Even if you don’t have a lot of muscle, a t-shirt can make your body look great.

V-Neck vs. Crew Neck?

There are two types of T-shirts: V-neck and crew neck. Which one is better? V-necks are perfect for fitter men. The deep cut makes a chiseled chest stand out and look even better. A V-neck makes you taller, and a short neck or narrow face looks better.

Crew necks are a good option for men with a slimmer build. This style shows less of your neck and upper torso, which is great if you haven’t been to the gym in a while.

Which fashion should you choose? It’s up to you to decide. No matter your style, don’t show too much of your chest. Avoid styles with a scoop neck, a “boat neck” too wide, or a deep V-neck.

Choose the Appropriate Fabric

The fabric of a shirt is an essential aspect of determining its quality. The material must be fantastic if you want to look great in a T-shirt. Two T-shirts may be identical in style and color, but the one with better fabric will far outperform the other.

When you do online shopping for men, always read the label instructions as you would any other clothing item.

Tees are mainly made of 100% cotton; however, certain specific fabrics may be more suitable for you. Here are a few examples:

  • Bamboo
  • Pima
  • Stretch Fabrics
  • Pure Cotton
  • Nylon

Choose Solid and Neutral Colors

Dark, neutral colors are usually a safe bet for men. These tones will suit a wide range of skin tones. When in doubt, lessen your options to the hues listed below.


Gray complements the vast majority of outfit combinations. Gray lets you make the rest of your outfit brighter or darker. It also makes you look better if you’re in good shape.


Plain white T-shirts are a staple in many men’s closets. Be especially careful with white since white crew-neck undershirts are often white.


During the daytime, navy blue is better than black. If you wear this color with dark pants, you can make a monochromatic look.


Black might be a good choice for darker clothes. Don’t forget that black T-shirts will turn a worn-out gray color over time.

With the help of this post, you now know all the important tips to look great in a premium t-shirt. Make sure when you do online shopping for men choose high-quality t-shirts. Don’t compromise with quality over price.