Reasons why Esco Bars Vapes are Ideal Choice in the Market

Esco Bars Vapes

With increasing health complications from tobacco cigarettes, more smokers are turning to vape. Since the rise of vaping devices, many manufacturers have established a stronghold in the market with their premium products. Esco Bars vapes are one such segment that has gained high popularity among vape users. They are acknowledged for their superior quality and variety of flavors. These devices are disposable and are hassle-free from refilling. They are also known for their potent effects without affecting your work at all. If you need to know more, here are a few classifications that make these vapes ideal for you.

Features of Esco bars vape

Comfortable handling

It is often observed that the users feel muscle fatigue while holding the vapes for a longer duration. They might realize this after the effects of the sessions have vain out and begin to return to their normal state after being high. However, Esco Bars vapes are slim and easy to hold. They can be carried in pockets with ease and allows you to enjoy the sessions wherever you want to. Its surface is quite handy and does not slip easily. This offers you a satisfactory vaping experience even after long usage. 

Appropriate mouthpiece

Having an appropriate mouthpiece is really important. In case the component is poorly designed, it can deteriorate the taste and affect your vaping experience. In addition to this, a mouthpiece with improper size can lead to leakage, wasting a lot of e-juice. This reduces the durability of the device and has to be replaced quickly. This can also damage other parts of the device, including atomizers and its structure, leading to poor functionality. Esco Bar and Cali vapes are well known for their superior mouthpiece fitting, which prevents spillage and ensures that the device works efficiently throughout its life. 

Appealing design

These disposable vapes have a very sleek design which is extremely appealing to look at. Their lustrous colors are eye-catchy and give them unmatched aesthetics. The devices have traditional cylindrical shapes that existing users are accustomed to elevating their experience significantly. These users are already in the habit of the shape, and a new one distracts them from enjoying the sessions. For new users, the products of Esco Bar are handy, and they adapt to them effortlessly. 

Unique flavors and a great number of puffs

The disposables offer a variety of flavors. While some are most demanded that include berry, mango, and gummy, they also have unique tastes, such as Sunkissed and Pacific cooler. They also release collaboration editions with special flavors which are not generally available in the market. The vapes are highly durable, not just in their structure but also in their juices. Their longevity varies from 2400 to 4000 puffs as per the product you buy. Be it Esco Bar flavors or puff rate and intensity, these vapes are winners. 


Irrespective of whether you are a regular user or are beginning to join the league, Esco Bars vapes offer a premium vaping experience. Their well-designed structure and long sessions make it an ideal choice to enjoy high.