Smile Makeover for the New Bride-to-Be

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Smile Makeover for the New Bride-to-Be. Now that your engagement is over, it is time to make preparations for the wedding. Right from the decoration to the wedding cake, a bride wants everything to be perfect on her D-day. Along with all these arrangements, what the bride thinks most about is her look. If you focus on the whole look of a bride, the one thing that is a must-have for brides is their bright smile.

But, is the smile of every bride that bright? Honestly, it is not. But, worry not as you have the treatment of smile makeovers. Yes, you read that right. Today, brides undergo smile makeover treatment to ensure that they look their best on their wedding day. Indeed, having a yellow tooth and smiling with that looks ugly. If you can polish your outer look by reaching out to a salon, you need to find a solution for this yellow tooth.

The yellow tooth is not the only problem that most brides suffer from. Other tooth problems include pain and bleeding in the gums, crooked teeth, misaligned teeth, and the like. In this blog, we have discussed how important it is for you to undergo a smile makeover treatment before your wedding. Without much delay, let’s begin the blog.

What is smile makeover treatment?

As the name suggests, a smile makeover is a process by which dentists pay attention to the problem areas in your oral health and rectify them with scientific treatments. The smile makeover treatment can range from anything from whitening the teeth to transforming the complete appearance of the smile.

At the first appointment, the dentist clicks photos of you to find out the faults in your smile. Then, the dentist consults with you and asks you about the changes that you need to be made in your smile. After repeated consultation, the dentist comes to a solution that you will prefer. It is suggested to go for a smile makeover at least six months before your wedding. This is because the treatment when done will take some time to show the final results.

Many dentists in Turkey recommend scheduling an appointment with your dentist for a smile makeover treatment right after your engagement. In a nutshell, the earlier, you go for the treatment, the more time your dentist gets to work on your smile. As a result, you get more treatment options. However, even if you are running out of your time, do not worry. The dentists in Turkey have some amazing smile makeover treatments that can bring dramatic changes swiftly.

What treatments are included in smile makeovers?

Now that you have a clear idea about what the smile makeover process is, it is time to go through the series of treatments that are included in the smile makeover process. Given below is a list of treatments that fall under the smile makeover process and is conducted safely by the dentists of Turkey:

  • Lumineers

Lumineers are made up of porcelain shells. These are thin and are fixed in your teeth with almost minimal to no drilling. In most cases, Lumineers, after getting fixed, do not require any temporaries or shots. In fact, they last for a long time without causing any discoloration. Instead, Lumineers provide you with quick action. After the Lumineers are installed, you will notice an instant whitening effect on the teeth.

  • Snap-on smile

The snap-on smile treatment is done on the upper and lower teeth which gives a strong and natural-looking effect to the teeth. Again, just like Lumineers, the snap-on smile treatment does not impart any kind of pain or discomfort and lasts long. If you have a gap between two teeth, the snap-on smile treatment is a perfect solution for you.

  • Veneers

Veneers are similar to porcelain Lumineers but are used for more severe problems of the teeth. One of the greatest advantages that come with veneers is they do not get stained easily. Also, while fixing the veneers, the dentist will not have to remove a lot of enamel from the teeth. As a result, the strength of your teeth remains unaffected.

  • Crowns

When a dentist puts on a dental crown, it appears like a cap or a cover. To put it simply, dental crowns are created to cover the problems that you have in the tooth. Not only do dental crowns make the teeth stronger, but also enhance the appearance of the tooth. In a way, dental crowns can hide tooth discoloration or a badly shaped tooth.

  • Dental implants

Dental implants can be placed both on the lower and upper jaw of the tooth. The purpose of a dental implant is to function as a pivotal point for the teeth that have been replaced. So, if you have a missing tooth or if there is a gap in your jawline, dental implants are your savior. For getting implants, it is recommended that you visit your dentist early as they take more than four months to get fixed properly.

  • Composite fillings

These are used to fill in the empty spaces of a tooth. The composite fillings have a natural color, thereby making the teeth appear as natural as possible. These are a great solution for people with chipped teeth, and cavities.

  • Invisalign

You may have some tooth alignment problems. But it can be fixed with Invisalign. The word ‘Invisalign’ is a portmanteau word that is a combination of two words – invisible and alignment. When Invisalign is worn, it can be barely noticed as they are given the color of your teeth. The main purpose of this Invisalign is to straighten a crooked tooth.

  • Preventive care

Not all dental clinics and dentists will tell you the process that you should follow to take care of your teeth. The dentists and dental clinics in Turkey have included this preventive care section in their smile makeover treatment for the benefit of the patients.


Therefore, having a faulty smile or a smile that you don’t like is no more a problem. The smile makeover helps you to get rid of all dental issues and flaunt a bright smile on your wedding day. Avail of the smile makeover services in Turkey and get wonderful photos of your wedding.