Spiti Valley: A Complete Travel Guide To The Tourist Spot



The Himalayas have a particular area (Spiti Valley) in which a serene beauty flows. The Spiti Valley is situated within the regions with high elevations of the Himalayas located in the north eastern region in the State in Himachal Pradesh. 

The beauty of nature and the historical heritage was unique about this region. Temples, monasteries and shrines were also a part of the charm of the region. From October through February, and from March to June are most suitable times to visit the region.

The Destination

The terrain is often challenging and difficult, however the area is stunning and offers an exciting trip. It is among the most frequented destinations in the region known as Leh-Ladakh. The Spiti Valley starts from Kunzum Pass, moves to Losar further on to Kaza and finally Tabo before finally reaching Kinnaur Valley.

Spiti has seen visitors only just a few years prior. This means that the place isn’t as than crowded. There is a lot to see and isn’t restricted to the Chandratal Lake. Here’s a complete guide for the region.

A Brief Itinerary

  • Delhi – Manali Delhi – Manali Rohtang Pass Kunzum Pass – Losar – Kaza and Delhi – Shimla and Shimla Narkanda Shimla – Narkanda Kinnaur Valley – Tabo – Kaza are the two routes frequented by visitors to get here.
  • It can take between 10 and 12 days to travel to these destinations. Spiti Valley Tabo, Kaza, Losar, Chandratal, Kunzum Pass, Ki, Kibber, Pin Valley, Langza, Hikkim, Komic, and Dhangkar are the most popular tourist destinations to explore.
  • Day 1 would comprise Delhi to Shimla or Narkanda The following day, it would shift from Shimla or Narkanda to Sangla or Chitkul (Kinnaur Valley) The third day would include Sangla, Chitkul and Kalpa.
  • The next day , it will include Kalpa, Naku Lake and Geyu Mummy and the fifth day would begin at Tabo and conclude in the stunning Pin valley.
  • The sixth day’s route would include Ki, Gette, Tashigang and then finally Kaza.
  • The next day will cover Hikkim, Komik and Langza and the next day will include Chandratal, Kunzum Pass and Rohtang Pass.
  • The ninth day will pass traversed through Kunzum Pass, Rohtang Pass, Manali and Chandratal. The last day would be through Manali and then Delhi.

Things To Do In Spiti Valley

The valley has all kinds of beauty, from tranquility to thrilling thrills. There are a myriad of things to do and locations to explore throughout Spiti Valley. River rafting is an essential activity that will keep your adrenaline-driven mind occupied for a long duration. It’s not just about the thrill but it’s also the ideal opportunity to enjoy a stunning panorama of the mountains and the lush greenery surrounding.

The Pin Valley National Park

It’s also a must missed destination, since it offers the chance to see the beautiful wildlife and flora. It is also a great place to visit for nature lovers. Buddhist monasteries are places to unwind and relax. The energy emanating from these spots will provide you with a time to reflect on various aspects. The trek and camping at Dhankar Lake are also activities that one should not avoid.

Camping along the riverbanks

The trip is also fascinating. When you are at the end of the road, you can gaze up at the clear skies without pollution. This can help you enjoy an amazing scene. Every mountain family has a yak because they are used to wool, milk, and traveling.

A yak safari

It is only available in just one spot. The food served in the local monasteries and cafes in the local area should be a must. The simple rice, dal and spices will enthrall your taste palate. There’s also a rare possibility to get when you’re in Spiti. This is the chance to visit the highest post office in the world. That’s why in Spiti is the world’s top post office. Never miss it. Fossil hunting is another unique activity to experience within Spiti Valley. 

Spiti Valley. You should also make sure to visit Giu village in which you can see an ancient mummy dating back to 500 years in a temple. When you visit Spiti Valley is a good idea to take a trip to Spiti Valley’s Spiti river. Beautiful, with colorful stones and pebbles, you can’t overlook the crystal clear waters there.


The drive to Spiti could be difficult and sometimes difficult. But the winding roads the lush, green trees, well-trimmed meadows, clean water, and the lively market are all reasons that will draw you to this spot. It is a great place to ease your mind, calm your soul and relax your body. Make sure to pay the trip to this paradise at least at least once.