Spiti Valley: Ten Things to Do at The Tourist Location



There are many things to do in the Spiti valley, including adventure, relaxation, thrilling, or quiet. You will find lush green forests, beautiful meadows, and gushing rivers in the Valley. It is paradise on Earth, the ‘cold desert mountain’. It is a hidden gem near the Himalayas. These are the ten best things to do in this tranquil valley.

Pin Valley National Park

It is located on the Himalayas’ highest peaks. It is home to some of the most stunning scenery. There is a wonderful variety of fauna and flora in the National Park. Siberian Ibex snow leopard, Tibetan gazelle snow partridges, Himalayan Snow cocks and so forth. These are the best activities to do in this area, from wildlife spotting to just enjoying nature. It is important to take enough time and enjoy the vastness of this place.

Camping in Chandratal:

Camping is an adventure and a challenge. Camping can be a great experience. It offers new friendships, fresh air and a new environment. The lake is 4,300m long and has everything you need to see. This is an incredible spot in Spiti Valley.

Giu Visiting Village

The village of Giu lies between Tabo and Sumdo. It is small and very traditional. It is accessible via a 8km climb from NH 22. This shrine houses a 500-year-old mummy, which is held in a shrine. This is one of the most famous spots to visit in Spiti valley. Legend has it that the body belonged to a former lama who lived here. This makes it even more exciting.

Kaza’s Main Markets:

You will find a unique place to shop wherever you go. It would be in Kaza, the main market in Spiti. It would be a grave sin to not shop here. You can find everything from Tibetan and Buddhist handicrafts, to skulls and bones in silver. Spiti has many items that you can buy and take home.

Restaurants and local eateries:

Here, you can enjoy local street food and dining. You can find delicious food at local cafes and monasteries. Simple rice, vegetable, and ethnic food can all be delicious. Monasteries’ food is also amazing.

Yak Safari

It is important to bring along a local guide for a memorable Spiti tour. After you have done all the trekking and exploring, you might want to return home in a slower pace. A yak ride is the best option. This is an experience that everyone can enjoy. Spiti’s families would take a yak on a ride. The yak ride is more affordable and worth the price.

The World’s Most High-Standing Post Office:

Don’t miss this opportunity! Now you’re in Spiti, and have the opportunity to visit this place. The post office can be found at 4,389m between Komik and Langza villages of Hikkim. It is a short drive from Kaza or an uphill trek.

Nako Village Trek

The environment features are stunning: vast meadows, scattered wildlife, greenery all around and quiet mountains. This village is located in the Kinnaur district, close to Spiti. Nako can be described as a maze if it is surrounded by mountains. Walking through the village can relax your soul and bring you peace of mind. This little paradise is almost too beautiful to miss.

Relax at the Spiti River

Lay down by the lake and breathe deeply. The beautiful Spiti River, which runs alongside the road, is a beautiful sight to behold. The serene spot on the hilly road. Take in the beauty of Mother Nature. The bank is filled with beautiful stones and pebbles that remind us of our childhood memories of throwing them into rivers. In a matter of minutes, you can bring those happy memories back to the river bank. 

River Rafting

You’re here if you love adventure. River rafting is a great activity in this area. You can view snow-capped mountains and hilltop monasteries from the rafting. There are also scenic views around. You can have the adventure of a lifetime on rivers Spiti or Pin. The adrenaline rush will last throughout the entire trip. This is a thrilling adventure, so buckle up!