The benefits of physical activity on children

physical activity

Children’s lack of physical inactivity is a serious public health issue. High levels of screen time have been suggested to contribute to young people’s sedentary lifestyles. Exergaming proposes to contribute to young people’s energy expenditure during their free time, as physical inactivity and obesity rates continue to rise.

Exergaming encourages a full-body, active gaming experience. It has the potential to have a significant positive impact on young people and has the power to reverse these troubling trends by encouraging young people to participate in physical activity

Research continues to support exergaming as a healthy and beneficial form of physical activity. Exergames of various types have been shown in studies to produce moderate to vigorous physical exercise and positive physiological effects. As with any activity, one can determine the type of results obtained by how the individual participates.

Benefits of Exergaming:

The following are some of the additional advantages that exergaming can provide:

  • Facilitates exercise: 

Technology has made it difficult to exercise in the past. Many children cannot acquire the necessary exercise to maintain their health because of television and internet gaming. Children enjoy playing video games, and many sit in front of them for extended periods without moving.

Technology is now making exercise more accessible, and exergaming is becoming more and more popular. Anyone can enjoy exergaming because there are games for players of every gender, ability, level of fitness, and age. Different levels are present in the games, allowing even beginners to have fun. There are numerous ways to access these games, including online, at arcades, and home.

  • Fun: 

More than 84% of adolescents said having fun was the most critical aspect of their lives. Furthermore, boredom is one of the primary reasons adults abandon their workout routines. Exergaming offers participants a pleasurable experience through technology, with some claiming they are unaware they are exercising.

  • Promotes good health: 

Kids’ excitement for gaming and exercise are combined in exergaming. Games are enjoyable and entertaining, which motivates kids to move more. The games require a lot of physical activity, which is good for your health and fitness. It’s critical to remember that exercise games can help with calorie burning and weight loss as concerns about obesity grow. Playing sports can aid with coordination and movement. Exergaming also can lower stress levels both by its pure fun factor and increased physical activity releasing critical endorphins. Exergaming improves children’s cognitive performance and fosters sensory-motor learning.

  • Multiplayer Exergames: 

Many exergames allow multiple players to play simultaneously. Peers can interact with one another while playing and communicating about the activity. Participants can discuss game mechanics and even help one another improve.

  • Individual Choice: 

Because exergames are self-paced, participants can make their own decisions while playing. Users can select their preferred mode of play, difficulty level, opponent (themselves, a friend or peer, the computer, or online competitors), and, in most cases, an avatar with which to identify. This keeps participants motivated to get and stay active by preventing them from becoming discouraged.

  • Creates variety: 

This gives kids who aren’t athletic a way to exercise without feeling pressured to perform for a team. Kids who are embarrassed to play sports now have another option. It’s also a choice for kids who find other fitness training methods tedious. Children can compete against virtual opponents if they don’t regularly have friends nearby or if their parents are too busy to play sports with them.

  • Video game motivation:

The video game industry has over $10.5 billion. Playing video games is one of the most popular pastimes in today’s society. What if the appeals of video games were translated into real life gaming? Exergaming allows people to play their favorite games while getting exercise and staying healthy.

  • As a social activity:

Exergaming can be a social approach to staying in shape, though you can also do it alone in the comfort of your living room. Exergamers can interact and compete in online exergaming communities. When children invite their friends around, they can play exergames. Because there are alternatives for all ages and talent levels in exergaming, it may also be a family activity that helps strengthen family ties. Playing against opponents encourages competition and thus provides a greater incentive to exercise. Gamers can participate in fitness regimens with virtual trainers, and their progress is logged and tracked.

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Children not motivated by traditional exercise need a plan to get and stay active enough to reap the health benefits. Some adults may be encouraged to engage in physical activity through exergames or active video games. These game-based physical activities require the user to use full-body motion to participate in virtual sports, group fitness exercises, and other interactive physical activities and go beyond simple hand-finger movements as the primary interface.

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