The best Cleanroom Chairs for Critical Environments

laboratory cleanroom seating

We go to extraordinary lengths to yield Cleanroom chairs that forever maintain particulate level. Conductive seating is available to guarantee a safe and static clear work area. All conductive seating is armed with a conductive seat cushion, back cushion, and all metal parts.

We offer Cleanroom chairs by CleaTech LLC for controlled environment requests. Our Cleanroom Chairs deliver ergonomic design and total body support for all-day ease. All Cleanroom Chairs feature a big, comfortable waterfall seat & very large backrest, easy-to-use seat height adjustment, 360-degree revolve, and a fully adjustable back with good lumbar support. The line of ergonomic clean room chairs is perfect for applications in the semiconductor, bioscience, computer, medical equipment, and munitions industries. Each clean room chair is intended to meet particular goals. Numerous cleanroom chairs are obtainable for diverse applications. Our whole range of cleanroom chairs is outstandingly suited to cleanroom supplies. Their appropriateness has been checked and recognized. The very high quality of the chairs, including negligible particle emission and consistent elimination of electrostatic charges, is shown by an uncountable series of tests as well as daily involvement.

Best Cleanroom chairs for Laboratories

The Cleanroom chairs collection is a bespoke and professional seating range for labs or production areas in life science businesses.

Seat and Backrest

  • The Cleanroom chairs are compatible with upholstered vinyl material
  • The Processed material of Polyvinyl chloride & Rayon upholstered on PU molded foam has a good density
  • The material is verified for use in the cleanroom and is intended not to generate any pollutants
  • With the wide plastic trim at the joint part of the seat and back, dust from the urethane cushion cannot escape very easily
  • The cleanroom seat cushion is enclosed by dustproof cloth.

Backrest Tilt with a good tension adjustment

  • Normal cleanroom metal chairs are often non-ergonomic and unbending which makes sitting on them and working for very long hours in a cold cleanroom setting a very tedious task
  • The Cleanroom chairs have a backrest tilting feature that delivers spring tension and wires the back of the user
  • This is an ergonomic feature that is provided to help customers sit & work comfortably for very long hours

Whole Steel Body

  • The whole Steel body includes the backrest bar, mechanism, foot-ring, and five-star base making the chair corrosion-resistant & fully rust-free
  • This is exactly useful as the properties of Steel lets it be used inside a cleanroom without any big issues
  • The steel body also permits the Cleanroom chairs to be cleaned very easily without producing any rusting issue

Best Gas spring

  • The proprietary system is available in numerous height adjustment ranges. The firm chrome-plated piston rod & the spindle pipe provide additional reliability & corrosion resistance.

Nylon casters

New original injection manufacturing technology guarantees greater adhesion between nylon & Polyamide and it also extends the life of casters significantly

The heavy-duty double wheels of the casters are tested for numerous cycles on hurdles to guarantee strength & reliability as per the standards

  • Each caster has a good weight-carrying volume
  • All casters are static to help release the static charge to the ground

Cleanroom chairs need to be very smooth, without needless crevices for the dust to get gathered. Usually, they also need to be resistant to water, and bacteria resistant. In germ-free rooms, hygiene is a complete must in order to guarantee optimum working conditions. Cleanroom furniture is expected to meet very precise criteria. Cleanroom chairs are developed in close cooperation with senates from industry & research. All cleanroom chairs include sealed upholstery with back-foaming knowledge, enclosed devices, as well as smooth, and closed surfaces. All the resources used in making the cleanroom chairs are conductive, making them the flawless choice for cleanroom furnishings. The cleanroom chairs are more comfortable and have great performance and it has a sealed seat & backrest, thus casing all moving parts of the chair’s procedure. Ideal cleanroom possessions and electrostatic conduction are combined with the best ergonomics and eventual seating comfort. All of these result in a strictly perfect cleanroom chair for the cleanest of seating pleasure.

Impressed with the Cleanroom chair’s features?

If you are impressed with the features and uses of a Cleanroom chair and want to order it for your lab, you can contact us at any time.