The mortgage business is crazy!


Part of my practice is the criminal process. Honestly, I wouldn’t call it the focus of my training, but I’d say I’ve had enough of it at some point. Sometimes people come to my office out of the blue to pick up my cases, while others come to my office for their divorce case or property or something, and in the process we find a pending foreclosure case that needs to be addressed.

I am not writing about the various arguments that can be made in criminal proceedings. Instead, I want to focus on one area: the approach home mortgage Anniston AL companies seem to be taking with borrowers. Defamatory? Well, for me it is.

Here’s how it happens:

Mortgage borrowers have a life event that causes them to default on their mortgage for whatever reason. Naturally, the mortgage lender contacts the borrower and informs him about the late payment. At some point, if there is no security, the mortgage company will sue the lender for foreclosure, and this is where the superstition rears its ugly head.

I base my opinion on literally dozens of criminal cases that have come to my desk in more than a decade as a prosecutor. I’ve seen this scenario play out time and time again with many unsuspecting customers acting in good faith.

It happens like this:

The borrower files for bankruptcy. If the borrower doesn’t investigate the issue quickly, the local sheriff will almost always knock on his door and hand him papers stating that he is being charged with embezzlement. ask for help. The borrower then contacts the mortgage company and works with a sort of “loss mitigation agency.”

Once this contact is received, the lender and mortgage borrower will discuss various options for the loan, whether it be restructuring the loan, checking the books for foreclosures or short selling. Identify or sell a home or other opportunities.

During this time, the mortgage company’s representative dealing with the borrower will make sure that they make every effort to close the case and review all viable options, etc., and see what options they have been replaced with. It will take some time to review the record of this election.

Here’s the ambiguity:

Although all of the above happens between the borrower and the mortgage lender, the mortgage lender (almost?) never informs the borrower, despite all options being explored and/or discussed in a. can go into therapy, and no how well their discussions are, the forensic criminal process never ends.

Almost every client I’ve seen with these issues over the years says the same thing: “Because I’ve made so many improvements to the mortgage business, that’s why.” I don’t think the court is on right now.”

I decided to write an article about the top 5 mortgage companies in the United States.

give people an idea of ​​where to go when considering a mortgage. The good thing about a bank loan is that the only person who knows your mortgage and how much you owe is your bank.

Of course, each of us wants a home of our own, and love for cars is inevitable. The problem starts when we start making a lot of money and want to put all our money into a house or a car without saving a dollar because we think we can afford both the mortgage company Anniston AL and the car loan. This is wrong because even if we already have enough money and can maintain a house or a car, we can’t have a lot of money at the beginning of the project. It is wrong to waste all your money and nothing.