The Top 5 Pests You’ll Encounter in Your Home


People widely assume that a squeaky clean home keeps all kinds of pests away. Well, it’s time to get our facts straight. Just because you practice hygiene and sanitation, your home is no longer susceptible to pest infestations. Sad to say, this isn’t the case.

We have to understand that certain pests are not drawn to grime or dirt at all. Regardless of hygiene and sanitation, stubborn pests such as bed bugs, ants, and even cockroaches may still infiltrate your property. No matter what, these critters will grab every chance they get to gain access to your home, may it be through tiny holes or cracks on the structure or through branches of overgrown bushes, as long as your home can provide those pesky creatures the food, shelter, and warmth they need to get through the colder months.

It’s good to be prepared for possible pest infestation this fall. Pest control professionals can be your biggest help to deal with fall pests. They possess the knowledge, experience, and tools for effective pest control removal.

Pests in the Fall Season

Pests find ways to thrive in and adjust to any environment for they are resilient and resourceful. Now that fall has come, they will start to invade households or buildings to get away from the unfavorable environment out in the cold and find a cozy and warm place to lie dormant. So what are the most common pests that will infest your home this fall? Here are the top 5:


  • As soon as the weather gets hostile in their natural outdoor habitats, rats, mice, and squirrels will seek shelter indoors. Rodents are quite excellent when it comes to sneaking into people’s households. They can also easily pick up on the scent of food from afar even through thick barriers like walls or insulation. Also, the whiskers of rats and mice, in particular, are designed to detect hot air; thus, they tend to always end up infiltrating buildings or houses, which is the perfect source of warmth. Rodents either enter through holes or crevices or chew through the weak parts of the structure to enter your home.


  • German cockroaches, American cockroaches, and the brown-banded cockroaches become especially active in the fall. Roaches are so adaptable that they can thrive in any habitat and climate. During cooler weather, these disgusting critters will be scurrying in and around garbage piles, sewers, and areas within your home where warmth, moisture, and food are abundant.

Bed Bugs

  • Bed bugs are known for being excellent hitchhikers. During the cold season, they can effortlessly lodge onto the clothes and luggage of travelers and transfer residences without being noticed. Once they gain access to your home, these annoying creatures will multiply their numbers before you even know it. Normally, it’s already late when people start to perceive the existence of bed bugs in their households. Bed bugs stay close to people, especially during nighttime, for they are drawn to sweat and carbon dioxide and feed on human blood to survive.


  • Ants also want to escape the wet and cold. Hence, as soon as the cold weather sets in, they would find settlements indoors in search of warmth and, most importantly, food. The most common ant species that you’ll likely find at home during the fall season are the pharaoh ants, fire ants, acrobat ants, argentine ants, and carpenter ants.


  • Houseflies and cluster flies, in particular, will also seek sanctuary indoors as soon as the temperature drops during the fall season. Hence, they penetrate through whatever openings they find such as small crevices or cracks on walls, window sills, sidings, window sills, and baseboards. Flies infest a home to overwinter during cold climates, usually in dark areas like basements, attics, unused rooms, and wall cavities.

Pests are always nuisances and eliminating them as soon as possible is necessary before the problem gets worse. If you are dealing with those aforementioned problematic pests this fall, call and get assistance from pest control professionals right away and avail of their pest control removal services.