Tyre Maintenance Tips 101: How To Take Care Of The Car Tyres?


Like every other auto part, tyres require regular maintenance to function and endure as intended. Since they are the sole component of your car that makes friction with the road, your tyres are particularly prone to wear and strain. Nevertheless, Tyre maintenance can be done correctly through some essential steps. Although maintenance of the car extends the life of your tyres, be sure to cross these tasks off your list of tyre maintenance duties. You can apply this to your new tyres when you buy tyres in Sharjah.

  1. Tyre Rotation
  2. Air Pressure
  3. Tread Depth
  4. Flat Tyres

1.    Tyre Rotation

Tyre care includes rotation of your car tyres regularly. Mechanics rotate the wheels by removing each one and moving it to a different spot on the car. Adherence to the owner’s manual’s recommended tyre rotation plan is crucial. Tyre rotations are generally recommended every exceed 5 miles or at each oil change for most cars.

During a rotation, a qualified tyre expert should examine the state of each tyre. Your tyres won’t wear out too quickly if the cause of irregular tyre wear is identified and addressed as soon as possible. On the other hand, accelerated tyre wear may be dangerous and expensive.

2.    Air Pressure

A quarterly air pressure check seems to be an additional crucial component of tyre maintenance. To obtain the most accurate measurements, use a decent tyre pressure sensor to measure the air pressure within tyres in the morning before driving the car. Low tyre pressure shortens tyre life, reduces fuel economy, and increases the chance of a dangerous blowout.

3.    Tread Depth

Your car’s treads help it hold onto the road and maintain balance. If the tyre grooves are worn out, your car won’t have good traction on the road. You can get it checked by a mechanic or tire expert. So that you do not skid away on slippery or wet roads. Also, you must ensure your car tyres perform well on frozen roads or in the summertime.

4.    Flat Tyres

Drivers need to know that there is just one technique to correctly fix a flat tyre. Inadequate tyre maintenance can result in blowouts and major accidents. Many car repair shops used to fix tyres with plugs made of string or cloth in the past. It’s disturbing that some people do it even now. A car owner who wants to save cash or time could think this is good. However, if buyers are conscious of the risks, most would conclude that the danger is not worthwhile.

Some Quick Tips And Tricks For Proper Car Maintenance

Once you understand the significance of maintaining your car tyres properly. You must look for some helpful tips. Here are some additional suggestions for good tyre maintenance:

  1. Every 15,000 miles, get your wheels aligned by a qualified professional.
  2. To guarantee steering control, have your wheels aligned once a year.
  3. Regularly inspect the spare tyre.
  4. Never fix a tire’s sidewall; always patch it in the space between the tread shoulders.
  5. If there has already been one repair, tyres can be fixed, but a third repair cannot be done without risking more damage.
  6. Tire repairs should not be done using a tube or sealant.
  7. Tire punctures should never be repaired with plugs made of string or cloth.
  8. The tyre manufacturer’s recommendations must be followed for all tyre maintenance and repairs.


The tyre should be examined from the inside out by a professional, experienced expert. If the tyre can be fixed, it must be mended and sealed from the inside & outside. It will take around half an hour to fix a tyre properly. A tyre should be replaced if it cannot be safely fixed. Spending money on a new tyre is much wiser than putting the lives of you, your passengers, and your car in danger.