What Are The Simple Ways To Promote Your Music On SoundCloud?


Most people use SoundCloud to promote their music, but in the past, it was mainly used to discuss and share recordings. This use of SoundCloud was made by some of the musicians willing to share their recordings, and after that, they publish them. SoundCloud is a growing platform that is one of the biggest and has a huge fan base, especially for independent musicians. SoundCloud has public traffic of more than 165 million users monthly.   

Some of the musicians buy SoundCloud likes, and with the help of this, they make themselves established artists. This music platform has given the power to musicians as they can create, promote and publish in their ways and their music. All this allows musicians to gain more followers and create a fan base full of ease. 

In SoundCloud, artists also have another advantage if they promote the track. That will be highly visible on their targeted audience’s feeds or the homepage. We will share some tips that will help you promote your music on SoundCloud.       

Make a plan for your music            

Whenever someone makes a plan, their first choice is to succeed in that task. Before creating a plan, one has to identify what one wants to achieve as a goal in their life. For example, if you want to promote your music on SoundCloud, you must clear your mind. 

Are you genuinely releasing new music? Or do you want to gain more followers? Or you want to make a large fan base by sharing your music videos. So you have to clear all these three questions. But, if you provide realistic music with a good feel and a good voice, then surely you will succeed in that. 

Afterward, if you want to gain more followers, there is one more trick: you can also buy SC likes or subscribers. This will also help you and increase your fan base. All this can be done with the help of a good marketing plan.   

Set up a profile on SoundCloud

If anybody is new to one of the largest music apps, they will get an option of making a free account. Users can upload up to 3 hours of music on this free account, but they can listen to it limitlessly. This will provide new users an accurate statistics on their plays and the views profile. If you are one of those who can spare some extra money, we suggest you buy the pro version of SoundCloud. 

Getting this version of SoundCloud will give you many benefits. This will also allow you to upload up to 6 hours of music with additional features, such as the enhancement in the analytics. The last one will be the ability to disable the comment box from your tracks. 

If you choose the correct account on SoundCloud, then it will give you the ability as well as the flexibility to promote your music on SoundCloud in an effective way. 

Upload high-quality music

We all want to experience the best music when we listen to you without any disappointment. So if you upload music videos on SoundCloud with good voice clarity and balance, this can become the most important key ingredient in your music videos when you want to promote it on SoundCloud. 

On SoundCloud, users don’t have to take stress regarding their music videos or anything else. Anybody on SoundCloud can upload any music video according to their choices and preferences. But one crucial thing for every new artist is to make good music videos and work harder on them to make them much better than before. 

All these minor improvements will improve your music videos on SoundCloud. With the help of these improvements, new artists can make a unique place among the public.   

Add buy links for fans 

This is known to be one of the best strategies new artists can use on SoundCloud. SoundCloud allows their artists to add a buy link to their music video. So if you make good videos, then it is sure fans will like them, and they may be willing to purchase your music through this platform. 

In this case, new artists have to link with some sites, which will give them a chance as they can make a little bit more money with the help of their music. So this is a perfect option for musicians and new artists who have reasonable confidence that they will make good music videos. 

Artists can give their video links on the track’s edit page in the metadata tab, as they can access their track’s edit page at any time they want to access it. Artists can also provide their music video links on their social media platforms, as it is an excellent way to get more reach quickly.