What Is the Important Use Of YouTube?


YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms that is found on the third number of search engines. According to the reports, more than 100 videos are uploaded on YouTube in a minute that help people in communicating and spreading their voices to the masses.

The use of YouTube is not limited to one aspect only. People use it for diverse purposes making it demanding. Videos uploaded on YouTube belong to multiple niches such as entertainment, tutorials, music, vlogs, and much more. People belonging to all ages love to explore and watch videos on YouTube and hence spend much of their time over there. YouTube offers quality content to the masses and hence they can watch millions of videos in their desired niche.

9 Must-Know Prominent Features of YouTube

People keep on exploring which apps download YouTube videos to get access to videos offline. These apps help the masses in downloading YouTube videos on their device in no time. Hence, they can watch them whenever they like. One of the most important uses is downloading movies from there which can be watched with family and friends. Similarly, educational videos can be downloaded and shared with kids. It is a multipurpose platform that provides extraordinary outcomes to the masses.

About 4 billion videos are watched by people on YouTube from all over the globe. YouTube keeps on updating itself and keeps on bringing new and exciting features to enhance the user experience. For knowing the latest information about technology and technological advances, subscribe to the technology blogs by websites like TechyWired. 

Its use is enhanced by people due to these splendid and highly suitable features. The improved tools and features allow creators and small businesses to promote themselves. The use of YouTube is quite widespread and it is entirely free to use. Some of the most likable and valuable features of YouTube adding more charm to it are given as:

  1. Improved Live Stream

The live stream of YouTube is improved well and hence the creators can enjoy interacting with their audience through the live stream. There is no need for a minimum subscriber count to avail of this exciting feature. Not only the video creators but the gamers can also relish streaming their games live. YouTube Gaming app is being introduced by YouTube which is meant to provide an exciting and splendid experience to gamers. Now, managing and setting up live streams is super easy and quick.

  1. Updated Creator Academy

People throughout the globe can enjoy accessing free classes on YouTube. In the Creator Academy, the update has been made and the users can relish getting the benefit of exciting features and more than 50 lessons. Not only this but the updated feature of it offers a personalized recommendation to boost their experience.

  1. Advanced Creator Community 

The advancement in the creator community encourages the creators to give their valuable feedback, share advice, and collaboration. It is meant to share innovative ideas and bring improvement in services and products.

  1. 360 Degree Videos 

One of the fascinating, coolest, and most amazing features of YouTube is 360-degree videos. Content creators can enjoy capturing their videos with drones and GoPro with 360 degrees and uploading them to the viewers. Viewers get real-time experience while watching everything situated in one place through 360-degree videos. YouTube is striving hard to come up with a 3D feature for users.

  1. Splendid Video Management 

Gone are the days of difficulty! The video management feature of YouTube is super stunning and facilitates the creators to the optimum. Video management features have made the use of YouTube quite beneficial and easier. One of the most likable video management features offered to YouTubers is to update their custom thumbnails for the videos. Hence, YouTube content creators can interact well with the masses and can customize their thumbnails within seconds. Another amazing feature is the provision of an option to the creators to either enable or disable monetization wherever they like. They can disable or enable it for their desired videos.

  1. Best Experience of Creator Studio App

Creator Studio app is major support for YouTube content creators. They can get to know the analytics of their videos and channels. Consistent improvement in it provides in-depth insight to the content creators and helps them make the decisions. The analytic tools are advanced and a new notification option allows the creators to keep updated.

  1. Community Tab Option

The use of YouTube has been improved even more when the community tab option was introduced. It is one of the brilliant features of YouTube which let content creators interact with the audience through still images and written content. You can stay informed about your favorite YouTube content creator’s upcoming video, reasons for not uploading content or images of new crafts, etc. The viewers can like and comment on these posts created in the community tab.

  1. Subscriber Notifications

YouTube takes the best care of the audience and hence provides the notification of new videos from the channels that you subscribed to. The subscribers get the free facility to get informed about the new activity and videos uploaded by the content creators. Hence, they can view the video immediately and stay updated about what’s going on.

  1. YouTube Shorts 

YouTube does not make you bored at all! It has introduced short videos to engage more audiences and provide quality content in the blink of an eye. Hence, people with busy schedules watch their desired content in a short span of time. Viewership of such content is quite high and hence YouTube is monetizing it in 2023.

Significance of Using YouTube

YouTube is a massively important platform that allows loads of worthy benefits. There are various benefits of it that attract the masses to use YouTube. Some of the reasons to use YouTube are:

  • Robust Banding

Video is an amazingly effective method for branding businesses and widespread it to the masses. YouTube helps businesses and brands to attract customers by showcasing the attributes of products and promoting these.

  • Education and Learning 

Education and learning were not this much easier before! Students can brighten their future by ensuring advanced learning from YouTube videos. Indeed, you can teach your toddler about different shapes, colors, and much more to make him aware of the rudimentary things. Similarly, science students can grab knowledge about various significant phenomena and processes through the platform of social media. Indeed, it is a way to broaden the knowledge and vision to brighten up the future.

  • Entertainment 

The use of YouTube is majorly to relish entertainment and watch new serials, comedy movies, action movies, cartoons, tutorials, and much more. Here, you can find all sorts of entertainment videos and spend your leisure time quite fabulously. A major percentage of YouTube viewers rely on entertainment and hence keep on looking for such content.

  • Conveying or Spreading the Message to the Masses 

Spreading messages, awareness, or motivation to the masses is super speedy through YouTube. YouTube is being viewed in all countries; hence, people can stay updated about the latest things happening worldwide. They can stay aware of political issues, natural disasters, cricket, and much more. Similarly, the spreading of messages or running fundraising campaigns and promoting people to be a part of it becomes amazingly easy through such a platform.

  • Earning 

Monetization is one of the most significant uses. Having a valuable number of subscribers and significant watch time allows the creators to monetize their channels. Hence, many people from all over the globe rush towards earning through YouTube.

  • Best Learning Platform During COVID

In order to pursue higher education or clarify concepts, students take the assistance of YouTube. The use of YouTube allows the students to comprehend the knowledge in a better manner. Indeed, teachers use YouTube videos in the classroom to demonstrate the concepts to students and provide them with in-depth knowledge. Communication with students is possible in the COVID era due to the use of YouTube. Videos were recorded and uploaded on the portal for all the classes so that they can understand and view them whenever and multiple times they like.

Wrapping up 

YouTube teems with tremendous benefits and hence it is vigorously liked and used by the people. This free social media platform lets you explore the world and do the needful without any interruptions. The use of YouTube lets people showcase their routines, tutorials, and much more while earning from it.

Hence, every year people get their channels monetized for displaying the best digital content to others. Both businesses and individuals get benefits from it. Children and housewives also learn a lot via YouTube and polish their skills and learning.