What You Should Know About The Latest Smoking Trend Heated Tobacco


Smoking has been around for centuries, and it all started with traditional cigarettes. But recently, heated tobacco products (HTPs) are becoming more popular in certain parts of the world. One of heated tobacco products is called “NUSO heated tobacco”.

What are NUSO Heated Tobacco Products?

The NUSO heated tobacco products represent the most recent generation of tobacco products. For those trying to give up smoking, this is an excellent option. You can insert the NUSO heat sticks into an electronic device that allows for relatively low-temperature heating (no higher than 600°C). The heated tobacco does not require burning or handling of strong smoke.

Is NUSO Heated Tobacco a relatively good alternative to cigarettes?

NUSO heated tobacco is the latest smoking trend to hit the market. But is it really a better option?

There is no definitive answer. However, some believe that NUSO heated tobacco may be less harmful than smoking cigarettes because the tobacco is not burned.

According to research, the primary issue with cigarettes is burning. The smoke from burning cigarettes contains over 250 dangerous compounds and can reach temperatures of about 900°C. To some extent, these substances are potential contributors to illnesses linked to smoking.

Smokers can inhale the aerosol without burning the tobacco, though, thanks to heated tobacco. The aerosol is a suspension of liquid and/or fine solid particles in a gas (often air).

Of course, there are other risks associated with NUSO heated tobacco, such as nicotine addiction. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance, and it can be just as addictive when delivered through heated tobacco. But nicotine is not the primary reason for smoking-related diseases.

Words in the End

Heated tobacco is the latest smoking trend to hit the market, and it’s the one for adult smokers to be aware of. While there are still some risks associated with heated tobacco use, it has become a good alternative to traditional tobacco.