The Nintendo Wii remote works as an exceptional controller for use with the Nintendo Wii gaming console. The standard controller’s button pressing is actually replaced instead with the spontaneous, smooth movement of your hands. Featuring a speaker within the remote giving a realistic sound effect that draws you into whichever game you are playing.

This remote controller is completely wireless, lightweight and may be used up to distances of thirty feet away to increase interaction in game playing without the players becoming tired. This kind of motion sensitive controller acts as a racquet for tennis games, a gun for action games and an effective steering wheel for driving games.

Simply youme power battery speaking the Nintendo Wii remote control is quite possibly one of the most fun game accessories ever to have been developed. If you are looking for some websites to get your remote controller, fortunately right now there are several stores online which stock Wii remotes you can buy. It’s a fact that the Wii is most fun when played with friends and that is where this controller is designed to excel. Two, three or four people can play simultaneously by means of Nintendo Wii remotes.

Nintendo Wii consoles often come with one standard remote and two accessories (the nunchuck and remote jacket). However, there are still a wide range of Wii accessories for you to choose from. These amazing Wii accessories are basically intended to make your Wii experience more worthwhile.

To give you an idea on what remote accessories to purchase, here are some good recommendations:

  • Wii Motion Plus – This is basically one of the newest types of Wii accessory available in the market. It is a type of remote attachment that functions to ensure its accuracy. Wii MotionPlus can be either purchased separately or it may come bundled with a Wii game such as the Wii Sports Resort, Virtua Tennis 2009, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10.
  • Rechargeable Batteries/Charging Dock – They are more of a necessity than an accessory. Normally, batteries of Wii remotes can last between 25 to 60 hours. Therefore, buying a charging dock is a must to be able to recharge the Wii remote. The rechargeable batteries, on the other hand, can be used as a spare when the existing batteries in the Wii remote run out of power.
  • Wii Boxing Gloves – This is required when you are playing Wii boxing games. They allow the player to feel as if they are real boxers. The presence of Wii boxing gloves will greatly intensify the game since the boxer on screen moves and reacts the way you do.
  • Wii Classic Controller and Grip – Considered as one of the best accessories for Wii remote, the classic controller literally allows you to experience the traditional way of playing console games. Moreover, they come in an array of remote styles and designs.

Remote Controlled Toys: Battery Basics

As a new person to the remote controlled toy hobby, you will most likely purchase an electric RC toy. These toys are especially appropriate for the beginner hobbyist because they allow you to develop your skills without investing a lot of money. Liquid fuel powered vehicles (Nitro) can have costs exceeding $300 for just basic models.

Electric RC toys can range from $20 to $200 depending on the type of vehicle you buy. When you purchase an electric radio controlled toy most will come with a rechargeable battery for the vehicle. Some are still powered by alkaline batteries, but rechargeable batteries are proving to provide longer life as they can be recharged hundreds to thousands of times to keep your toy running.

There are several types of batteries used in the industry and all have advantages and disadvantages. The most common types of rechargeable batteries found in RC toys include: Ni-cd, Ni-MH, Li-ion, and Li-Po. So now let’s decipher this jumble of letters!

Ni-cd (NiCd & NiCad) stands for a nickel cadmium battery. These batteries are available in the same sizes as alkaline, and are typically interchangeable. (Always check your instruction manual.) The biggest disadvantage to this battery is need for proper disposal. Cadmium is a heavy metal and all Ni-cd batteries should be disposed of properly to prevent the metal from contaminating soil or water sources. Many communities offer collections sites to prevent them from entering the landfills.

Ni-MH stands for nickel-metal hydride battery. This type of battery replaced the heavy metal, cadmium, with a hydrogen absorbing alloy making it less toxic to the environment. They operate very similar to Ni-cd, but can have two to three times the capacity of an equivalent size Ni-cd battery. This allows for a smaller size while providing a similar amount of energy per charge.

Li-ion and Li-Po stand for lithium ion and lithium polymer batteries, respectively. These batteries are becoming more widely used in the RC toys industry because of their lower weight and increased capacity and power when compared to other rechargeable batteries. The Li-Po batteries can also be shaped to better fit the toy or device it is powering. Recharging lithium polymer batteries requires a special charger for safety reasons. This type of battery should never be put in any other type of battery charger due to risk of explosion.

As with any hobby, safety should always come first. If your just beginning, purchase a toy you feel is a good fit for the intended purpose and the person who will be operating the toy. Ni-cd and Ni-MH powered vehicles provide many hours youme lipo of entertainment and can help teach your children how to be responsible for the proper disposal of items that are toxic to the environment. Li-ion and Li-Po batteries, while requiring much more diligence when it comes to recharging, are also making it possible to power larger toys without the added weight. This can only add to the fun that comes with the RC hobby.