Wine tour in India – The best tour



Is been rightly said that “wines are sunlight held together by water”. The vivid hues of wine and enriching health benefits when taken in moderation can positively affect your brain. It can reduce the chances of cancer, strokes, and heart disease. Well, fortunately, India is full of lavish vineyards and well-developed vinery infrastructures and this article will list some of the best wineries of India perfect for you to have a wine tour.

Sula Vineyards

Situated in Nasik of Maharashtra, Sula Vineyards was established in 1997 and is now a renowned brand that is considered to provide one of the best vine tours in India. Also called the “the Mecca of wines”, the Sula Vineyard also hosts various events known as the ‘Sulafest’ every year in February. These vibrant festivals are hosts various tattoo stalls, tarot card reading tents, fast food stalls, quirky craft shops, and of course, various wine tasting counters. 

Spread across 160 acres of land, this is the country’s largest wine grape-growing winery. Amidst the rolling hills of Nashik, this is the perfect destination for you if you are planning to go spend your weekend with guided wine tasting sessions and get to know more about how wines are made. During the harvest season, they also offer the opportunity of grape stomping to their visitors which is another satisfying experience that one shouldn’t miss. Nestled beautifully in the wine capital of India, this vineyard must be visited if you are planning to embark on a wine tasting trip.

Grover Vineyards

Situated on the foothills of Nandi Hill which itself is one popular destination for tourists, about 40 km away from Bangalore, Grover Vineyard is the first and the oldest vineyard in Bangalore. It offers wine tours in tranquil surroundings and beautiful vistas. With a rich history of having about 3 generations in winemaking, this vineyard which once started only on 40 acres of land is now spread over 400 acres of land, housing a tasting room, a restaurant, and a cellar door. 

The cellar door is for the customer to buy wines while in the tasting room with real oak barrels stored with La Reserve, here you can get to taste the exquisite wines being accompanied and guided by an in-house sommelier. The pristine natural beauty of Nandi hills is an added benefit to this vineyard which is also known for performing personalized tours. Some variants of wine offered here are Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier for white wines and rose wines.

Chateau Indage Estate Vineyards

Chateau Indage Estate Vineyard is situated in Narayangaon of Maharashtra which is a perfect destination for wine tours. Located about 85 km away from Pune this Vineyard is among the pioneers of the wine industry in India. Producing around 32 different varieties of Chantilly wines in the world, this place is a perfect combination of wine, peace, and nature. Unlike various other vineyards that are over-populated by tourists and commercialized to a great extent, Chateau Indage estate is relatively unexplored and not crowded. 

So, in case you want to avoid the crowd, this is the place for you to explore. It also provides premium facilities like providing resort facilities for those who are willing to extend their trip or let their visitors taste six different types of wines just for INR 150. It covers a total area of 2000 acres all over the country providing wine lovers with their premium Chantilly wines with an extremely picturesque location to have a peaceful and relaxing getaway.

Fratelli Wines 

Located in Akluj which is around 175 km away from Pune offers a splendid scenic view with very loving hospitality and an experience to behold in your memory lane forever. The name Fratelli translates to ‘brother’ in Italian and the reason behind it in such a way was that this vineyard was a result of collaboration between the Secci brothers from Italy and Sekhri and the Mohite-Patil brothers from India, an excellent outcome of brotherhood. 

The varieties of red wines like Shiraz Rose, Cabernet Franc Shiraz, and Cabernet Sauvignon will elevate your senses. They also provide guesthouse service with the sight of their astonishing vineyard and factory. The chirping of birds and the crispness of fresh air are going to be your wake calls upon staying here and the day will just keep on going better and better.

Zampa Vineyard

Located in Nashik of Maharashtra, this is another destination for wine lovers providing extremely pleasant scenic beauty. Spread over 250 acres of land, this vineyard is situated at an isolated hill perfect for a one-day vacation. Providing a tasting package of 5 different wines including 2 white wines, one rose, and 2 red wines in just INR 500 is very economical and sounds like a good deal. Having a beautiful cellar with a rustic appearance and a woody aroma, this place will prove to be quite an enjoyable experience