Advantages of Pak Quran Academy


Learning the Quran can seem like an overwhelming undertaking to many people, but with proper guidance, knowledge and motivation, it’s actually a fairly easy task that yields immense rewards.

For example, as you continue learning the Quran with us at Pak Quran Academy, you will learn how to make your recitation stronger and more enjoyable; thus, you will remember verses more easily in the future! In addition to this, as you continue your studies with us at Pak Quran Academy, you will also understand how to improve your Arabic language skills and memorize each verse correctly.

Learning Quranic Arabic

Though you don’t need to know classical Quranic Arabic to read and understand the Qur’an, it is definitely a plus for anyone looking to dive deeper into scripture or theology.

A few years ago, I would have said that you needed an advanced understanding of grammar and morphology in order to learn Quranic Arabic. But today, you can study at home using materials created specifically for self-learners. If studying independently sounds overwhelming, there are plenty of schools around the world that offer courses with excellent instruction but still fit into your schedule.

The Study Materials in Pak Quran Academy

At pak quran academy we believe in providing our students with every available teaching aid possible. With thousands of hours spent on producing our comprehensive course materials, we have ensured that you will be able to learn arabic at your own pace and with minimum effort. We make use of various tools and techniques in our interactive lessons so that learning is easier for you as a student.

Our videos and audio files will accompany your self-study tutorials, along with flashcards to help memorize key phrases and words more easily. In addition, we also provide many other features such as an online community where you can chat with other students to discuss lesson material or chat practice in real time, along with offline support through phone numbers provided by us.

The Teachers in pak quran academy

Pak Quaran Academy teachers are good and well experience of teaching. They are maulvi, mufti and much more other with lots of knowledge and experience. The teaching methods of pak quran academy is very easy to understand. All subject has been divided into 4 levels so that student can easily follow their progress in thier life.

A student who would join pak quran academy will be able to learn 2th part and 3rd part as these parts have been divided into 4 parts by difficulty level in pak quran academy. These levels are 1st level, 2nd level,3rd level,4th level,5th level & 6th level.

The courses in pak quran academy

The courses we are offering in pak quran academy are:1. Read without translation2. Meaningful recitation3. Understand and recite4. Learn to make dua5. memorize quran by heart6. Correction of pronunciation7. Theory and practical8. Tafseer e kabeer9. Tafseer e tayyib10. Tafseer e hakim11. Tafseer e burhan12. Tafseer e nihaye13. Qiraat14. Ilm ul fazilat15. Ilm ul tarajim16.