Benefits of getting a nursing job in the UK

Benefits of getting a nursing job in the UK

In this, we will discuss the benefits of getting a nursing job in the United Kingdom(UK). First of all, you need to understand how you can become a registered nurse in the UK. You have to decide before applying what nursing field you want to do. All nurses in the UK belong to the NMC (Nursing Midwifery Council). To work as a registered nurse in the UK, you must have a degree and register with the Nursing and Midwifery Council. Suppose you are an overseas nurse and you have already completed your nursing degree in your home country. In that case, in order to practice nursing in the UK, you are required to fulfil an essential criterion which is to have a 3-year nursing degree, and there are several competency tests that you will need to complete. This competency test includes a Maths and English test, an aptitude test, and Interview. 

There are many benefits of working as a nurse in the UK ( So working in NHS first benefit is your OSCEE training and its fees, and NHS will pay your OSCEE fees. You will be given three months of free accommodation if you are an overseas nurse. If the working environment in the hospital is not suitable for you and the working hours are too much according to you, then you can adjust it according to you, so there are flexible working hours. If you are working in NHS ( government sector), then no matter what circumstances will come, your job will be secured. Talking about annual leaves, it’s roughly about seven weeks which is paid too, and if you are taking sick leave, then it will not get deducted from your annual leaves.

 RCN (Royal College of Nursing) is the largest union as well as a professional body of nurses in the world. So, according to RCN, the average income of a UK nurse is 33,000 pounds per year. It also depends and varies from place to place. If you are working in London or places nearby to it, then you will earn much higher than places in other parts of the country. It would be best if you were smart enough on how to splurge money and where to splurge money. If you are planning to work a regular 9-5 job on weekdays, then you are not going to earn as much as you could have earned by doing night shifts, bank shifts or long days on weekdays or bank holidays because the enhancement there is much higher than the regular shift. Nurses who work in A&E, as well as special departments like IU/ICU, get much more enhancement at the end of the month than nurses who work in general wards. Nursing homes, as well as private hospitals, pay higher than NHS hospitals, but if you are working as an agency, then your pay is going to be way higher than usually what a nurse earns.