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Lab Workbench

The stainless-steel lab workbench surfaces make them ideal workstation solutions, not only for mechanics & carpenters but also for those working in the lab or chemical sciences.

Here we are committed to manufacturing the best-quality storage & workbench units at an affordable price. We do not think you want to overspend to get the high quality you want in lab workbench furniture.

The properties of our Lab Workbench are

  • The Legs & frame are made of heavy gauge steel and the steel base is finished with a baked, and gray enamel
  • The Height adjustments are possible and it is available with optional locking casters
  • The Static weight capacity is 1500 lbs with no casters and 1200 lbs which has casters
  • Workbench is available in different widths
  • Optional substantial gauge shelf is available and only minimal assembly is required

Features of our Lab Workbench

Having a well-organized, robust workstation is vital in a laboratory for both safety & efficiency. Compromising durability & quality is never a matter with our modular lab workbench, and they are also packed with practical features like

  • Many drawer configurations ranging from few to many drawers
  • A combination of skinny & deep drawers, which will hold a lot of weight
  • Fully drawers with steel ball bearing slides and lockable drawers & cabinets
  • Fully enclosed back with a 14-gauge steel frame & 16-gauge steel drawer
  • 14-gauge steel work surface with a backsplash
  • Electrical outlets & USB ports so you can simply plug in your equipment

Adaptable Lab Workbench Furniture with Custom Options is Available

One of the great things about our Lab workbenches is their versatility. The storage units were designed with mechanics & carpenters in mind, but any of our workbenches or rolling boxes would be just as useful in a lab setting. Chemists & other science specialists who need a flat & strong work surface with nearby storage space will appreciate the heavy-duty Lab Workbench with drawers, and they are available in an array of configurations. We can create a custom modular lab workbench to meet all of your exact requirements, whether you need some size or number of drawers or want a custom colour that matches your company, or logo.

Steel Lab Furniture Metal Lab Workbench

Surfaces made of cost-effective Higher Pressure Phenolic Resin composite are resilient to chemical stain & corrosion.  Non-porous & non-conductive, it has strong durable qualities that enable it to withstand high impact & shock.  It can be easily cleaned with soap & warm water. Because of its corrosion resistance, the industry has found it superior to other top materials for lab work.  It is resistant to most organic & inorganic chemicals & also it is non-toxic.  In addition, it is resilient to mechanical & thermal shock.

 Work Smarter & Safer With our Lab Workbench

Having a tidy, and organized workspace with plenty of room for all of your apparatus is crucial to any technical research, and it is easy to create your ideal workstation with us. If you need help selecting the right chemistry laboratory workbench, we would be glad to assist you: Just reach out by phone or email and we will guide you through our products to aid you to find the ones that fit your lab perfectly. Our joint is connected by cold rolled steel sheet which is stamping an integrated special fitting, making the whole frame structure more sensible. The bearing performance & stability of the platform is particularly strong. Steel surface by acid, electrostatic powder spraying procedure, has the corrosion resistance, moisture-proof function, etc.

Surface treatment like C type steel frame in the production is finished, the pre-treatment includes numerous steps like cleaning agents,  rinse water, passivation seal materials covering after the pre-treatment of steel products in drying oven for both drying and cooling; After that steel product to spray chamber is done in internal and external spray powder, and its thickness is better to finish bottom spray steel products directly sent to the high-temperature constant box for grinding & chemical processing, to put on the test environment to use.

Want to order the best and high-quality Lab Workbench

The affordable, and industrial-grade product we sell is backed by a warranty, and we will be here for you after you take delivery to reply to any questions or concerns and note all suggestions you might have to make our countless products even better. Place your order today & save on top-quality lab workbenches.