What Is Product Photography and How Do You Find the Best One


Product photography is an important niche in photography and is now critical for brand promotion and dissemination. However, it is incorrect to believe that product photography is confined to an object on a white background because numerous methods exist to present a product.

Product photography in Toronto should always be tailored to the type of business, the defined target audience, communication strategy, and the intended use – for example, images for directories, social networks, and outdoor use should all be distinct.

What Exactly Is Product Photography

Product photography has a specific goal: to show off an item and get the attention of the people most likely to buy it.

You wouldn’t buy something from an online store with text about the product, would you? Most people wouldn’t because there’s a big drop in trust when there are no photos to back up what’s being said.

These images must be made based on the type of product, and regardless of the style of the photo shoot, they must clearly show the product so that it is accurately shown and the promised value is delivered. We don’t want to disappoint any customers, so the product features in the photo must match the product.

Using the type of product photography that the brand chooses helps to divide the market and solidify its position.

Types of Product Photography

Studio Photography

This is the type of picture that we immediately connect with this term. These photos, created in a studio, portray the thing in the simplest way possible and are extensively used in e-commerce and directories.

The photographer must modify the numerous aspects when shooting according to each product’s textures, packaging, and materials, yet the overall effect is always coherent and similar. Whether it’s an item of apparel, a pair of shoes, or a bottle of perfume, the result will be a photograph to sell the product and present its features.

White Background Photography

White backdrop photography is the most popular type of product videography and photography, in which the object is presented cleanly and discreetly. It is also widely used in e-commerce and directories, albeit it is frequently used in conjunction with other styles of product photography to express a concept. The only difference is the usage (or lack thereof) of shadow, which gives the result depth.

Set Photography

When a product has a certain attribute, such as colour or style, and is sold in multiple variations, it is generally ideal for photographing all options in a single image so that the customer can see all the possibilities immediately.

Nonetheless, this photography is generally followed by individual images of the products, so the consumer can see the object in the colour that most interests him.

Comparative Photography

Occasionally, a related product is placed on the photograph to portray the exact product size and prevent misleading the customer. In these circumstances, universal items are required so the buyer can see and compare.

Using or putting a person next to an object is a practical approach to conveying dimensions. Some products benefit more from a larger scale than others because black and white photography by itself may not be striking enough. As a result, the consumer may quickly determine whether the product suits them or whether they should get the larger or smaller version.

No product should be confined to any product photography in Toronto, especially since diverse communication channels may necessitate varied styles. The most important thing is to know who you want to communicate with, understand the platform you’re using to display the image and guarantee that each photo represents the business and its values. Even in e-commerce or directories, it is helpful to include a variety of photography styles and angles so that customers can get an accurate impression of the item.