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Benchtop Biosafety Cabinet

The purpose of filtered laboratory enclosures, also known as ductless fume hoods, carbon-filtered enclosures, and filtered fume hoods, is to remove potentially hazardous fumes, vapors, and particles from a laboratory. These cages are often known as carbon filtration devices. These fume hoods have cheap installation costs and do not need ducting compared to conventional ones. Due of this, many individuals, when learning about them for the first time, incorrectly believe that choosing one is simple.

Before committing to the purchase of a ductless fume hood, it is important to evaluate a few crucial factors. Pay particular attention to the following four factors to guarantee that a ductless fume hood is the optimal option for your laboratory and the activities you want to conduct inside.

Is a ductless fume hood the optimal method for venting the space in which you often work?

It is crucial to remember that although there are several types of ductless and filtered fume hoods, some models nevertheless restrict the procedures that may be carried out under their protective covers. The applicability of Portable Ductless Fume Hood for heavy-duty operation varies; some can only be utilized for certain procedures. Despite the fact that filtered fume hoods may be used with a variety of chemicals, it is essential to note that the filter’s lifetime will definitely decrease as the air’s chemical content rises.

  • This implies that just a few chemical types should be used.
  • Any activities requiring high temperatures, such as acid digestion, must be conducted elsewhere.
  • Each chemical should be used in a quantity no more than 500 milliliters in total.
  • Chemical exposure durations should be maintained to a minimum.

If your use case does not fall within these constraints, a regular ducted fume hood is likely your best option for excellent safety at an affordable price. If there are a significant number of chemicals to be employed or if it is uncertain which compounds will be utilized in the future, it is advisable to apply them in a ducted fume hood.

Discussing your requirements with a Fume Hood Expert might assist you in identifying the type that would suit you best. Choosing Portable Ductless Fume Hood by Global Lab Supply is the right choice here.

Can the carbon filters now available efficiently filter the substances that will be used in your application?

Neutodine filters are used in Filtered Fume Hoods, a kind of ductless fume hood. Inside ductless hoods, chemically specialized filters are often fitted. However, not all chemical families can be filtered safely, and not all chemical families can be filtered effectively enough to make ductless hoods cost-effective. Depending on the filter type, the capacity of a filter to catch a given chemical family increases. Even while filtered fume hoods are successful at eliminating the majority of compounds, some (solvents with low molecular weight) nevertheless get through. Filtered fume hoods remove acids, bases, and solvents using a single kind of filter.

  • The efficacy of a HEPA Filter, or High Efficiency Particle Air Filter, is unparalleled when it comes to chemical powders and particles.
  • The activated carbon in an organic carbon filter is intended to chemically capture organic vapors.
  • Acid-Sulfur Carbon Filter is a specific kind of carbon that is efficient against acids and sulphides.
  • Ammonia or amine-impregnated carbon acts as a neutralizing agent in an ammonia or amine carbon filter.
  • Carbon that has been treated with formaldehyde is used to make formaldehyde carbon filters.

The Mixed Bed Carbon Filter is composed of 60% impregnated carbon for neutralizing acids and sulfur-containing chemicals, 20% ammonia and amine compounds, 20% formaldehyde-containing compounds, and 40% activated carbon for organics. Global Lab Supply comes up with the best deals.

Carbon impregnated with a material capable of neutralizing radioactive atoms is used to construct a radioactive particle filter

If all of the chemicals involved are compatible with one of these filter types, it’s a good sign that a ductless fume hood will work for your application. However, there are some compounds that are incompatible with any of the filters. If all of the chemicals involved are compatible with one of these filter types, it’s probable that a ductless fume hood would be a viable solution for your application. Some organics, such as methanol, are too volatile, have too little mass, and are too light for the organic filter to absorb. However, some acids may pose unique dangers that need the usage of a specific fume hood whenever they are handled.

To determine if the available filters are suitable for use with your chemicals, you must obtain a Chemical Evaluation from our Chemical Specialists. They will evaluate your application and let you know whether it satisfies the criteria, provide suggestions for tools and filters, and highlight any essential security measures.


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