Microsoft Azure Data Factory and Azure Devops Training in Hyderabad


The Azure Data Factory Training In Hyderabad at Azure Trainings is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to apply this service to real-world projects. The course combines classroom and practical sessions. It covers the basics of Azure as well as the advanced concepts. The course also includes real-world projects and assignments, which help students in accelerating their career.

The course focuses on the important components of information security and consists of in-depth learning sessions with hands-on experience. Upon completion of the course, students will earn a certification proving their proficiency with the cloud-based data management platform. This certification is globally recognized and can open up career opportunities with corporate giants.

The trainer at this institute is an enthusiastic professional who has an in-depth understanding of the latest trends and technologies. His knowledge and expertise in Azure is second to none. He is a highly-rated trainer, with an excellent reputation. His teaching style makes it easy to learn and understand new concepts.

The job description of an Azure Data Factory job is varied, and a person must be passionate about data science and have a background in marketing. Candidates should also be knowledgeable about SQL, SSIS, Data Factory, and Data Lake.

Azure Admin Training in Hyderabad

The Azure admin training course is a great way to gain practical skills that will help you to become an administrator of this cloud service. It includes a combination of technical and non-technical concepts, and includes many live projects and assignments. The training teaches you how to manage web apps and virtual machines. You will also learn about Active Directory and other concepts that are helpful to the administration of an Azure Cloud environment.

The Azure Admin Training In Hyderabad is taught by a team of highly qualified and experienced instructors. The program will help you develop your skills and become a valuable asset to your company. The course is designed to be hands-on and interactive, so you can put your new skills to use immediately. You’ll learn about Azure’s architecture, how to deploy web applications and how to develop Microsoft Azure solutions, all while working on a real-life project. The course will also give you firsthand experience using Azure web app services, as well as the Azure SQL database.

Azure Administrator training is designed to prepare students for the Microsoft Azure Administrator certification exam. The course will cover topics related to the Azure Cloud Platform, including managing virtual machines and configuring virtual networks. Using a lecture and lab format, this training provides comprehensive coverage of the Microsoft Azure platform, including the exam AZ-104. This course covers all course materials, exams, and accommodation. You will also receive practice papers and a complete set of Microsoft courseware.

Azure DevOps Course in Hyderabad

If you are a developer who wants to learn more about cloud computing, you should take an Azure DevOps Course In Hyderabad. This course will teach you everything from the fundamentals of CI/CD to the more advanced concepts of Azure DevOps. You will also learn how to use Microsoft Visual Studio to develop software, and Selenium Webdriver to write tests. The course will also show you how to write and deploy tests into Azure Devops projects. This course is entirely online, and is available in live and self-paced modes.

This course is designed for both beginners and professionals in the DevOps field. It will introduce you to the different tools and processes needed to implement a successful DevOps pipeline in the cloud. You will also learn how to integrate and utilize 3rd-party deployment tools with Azure and how to implement continuous feedback.

Learning DevOps principles and automated software deployment is critical for today’s technology. You will learn about the latest techniques and best practices to get started. You will also learn about Continuous Delivery and Infrastructure-as-Code, which streamlines the deployment of your applications to Azure. You will also learn about Azure Pipelines and Continuous Integration, which can help you build and deploy your software faster and more efficiently.

Whether you are a developer looking to make the transition from traditional development methods to agile development methods, Azure DevOps can help you. This course will teach you all of the tools you need to make the transition from traditional development to modern software delivery. It will also teach you the basic principles of continuous delivery and source code management.