How can mutual consent divorce lawyer in Delhi help you?


Are you trying to find a mutual consent divorce lawyer in Delhi that can help you with zealous representation? You’ll experience less stress and waste less time if you choose a skilled divorce attorney in Delhi. Divorce is a difficult decision in marriage and causes a lot of stress and anxiety. There are many possible causes for a couple to end their relationship. The most crucial factor in a divorce by mutual consent is that both couples must accept and understand the choice made jointly. A joint petition for mutual consent divorce is filed in Family Court when both parties agree to end their marriage.

Why is a divorce by mutual consent advantageous?

You are not required to defend the matter in court. You may save time and money on the procedure by having a divorce lawyer from Divorce Delhi Lawyer on your side. The fact that both parties avoid washing their dirty linen in front of others is probably the most significant advantage of a mutual consent divorce.

The Hindu Marriage Act of 1955’s Section 13B allows for divorce by consent of both parties. If you are, sadly, on the verge of seeking a divorce from your spouse, the legal staff at Divorce Lawyer Delhi will inform you of the benefits and drawbacks of a mutual consent divorce and work with you accordingly to obtain one. Numerous websites on Google provide the divorce lawyers in Delhi contact number.

Who will write and submit the petition on my behalf?

Technical responsibilities that Divorce Lawyer Delhi’s legal team can successfully undertake include thoroughly understanding the legislation and crafting a petition that won’t cause you trouble. A capable representative must show up on your behalf during the hearing. Our attorneys can assist you in easing this agonizing procedure.

Requirements for a mutual consent divorce

The following conditions/requirements must be met to file for divorce under the Hindu Marriage Act:

  • Neither party has been able to live together
  • Both parties have mutually agreed that the marriage should be dissolved
  • For at least a year, both parties have lived apart(living apart has no bearing on living under a safe roof)

How does a divorce by mutual consent operate?

In a divorce by mutual consent, do any court appearances take place? Yes, most likely a few of them.

  • You must write a joint petition submitted to the court once both parties have signed it.
  • Both parties’ statements are written and signed before the Honorable Court.
  • The court will grant you a six-month term for reconciliation.
  • After six months, both parties come before the court for the final hearing.
  • Ultimately, the Court issues the divorce judgment as it sees fit.

A divorce by mutual consent would need the following papers:

  • Husband address documentation
  • A wife’s address as proof
  • Information about occupations and current wages
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Background information about the family
  • Images showing a husband and woman married
  • Documentation demonstrating that the husband and wife have been apart for more than a year.
  • Proof of unsuccessful attempts at reconciliation
  • Statements of income taxes
  • Information on the parties’ assets and property
  • Additional paperwork can also be needed.


That’s all, and we genuinely hope you now understand how a Delhi lawyer for mutual consent divorce might assist you. What requirements and paperwork are necessary for a divorce by mutual consent?